Free Excel Dashboard Templates

Free Excel Dashboard Templates


speedometer-kpi-dashboard featured

The speedometer kpi dashboard offers a spectacular visualization to present sales performance of representatives. The created speedometer kpi dashboard could be a useful instrument for other (not only for marketing/sales) fields also for visualization between the goal and actual values. With a little modification it is able to show not only the 0-100% range but to display other arbitrary values on the speedometer kpi dashboard.
Everything wants KPI feat

Everything wants KPI. Is it easy to create a KPI? These days the BI systems have dashboard support. With their help we can create kpi dashboards in which we can place our most important indicators, the KPIs. We can give management a tool by which they can oversee the fields under their responsibility, they can see all of its movement and notice right away if it is differ from the balance course.
kpi cube dashboard excel1

Kpi Cube Dashboard in Excel? We are crazy but in our opinion it’s not impossible to visualize more KPIs on one cube chart. Would you like to see a magic kpi dashboard trick? Aside of joking, we mapped a cube using VBA. Have you got a minute? Let's look into how we built this kpi dashboard! We will use excel shapes as a way of identifying and organizing visual information like key performance indicators.
excel traffic light dashboard feat 700357

We have good news for Excel community! No more traffic jam if you use Excel! Just work or learn using our fully editable and free (as always) Excel Traffic light dashboard.Setting up your business targets is a primary element of deciding on the business that's most suitable for you. Using these indicators you can measure business or employee performance.


Excel Sales Map - UK Map Dashboard

Excel Sales Map - UK Map Dashboard. How can I make an excel sales map of my customer sales data? Excel Dashboard School ultra detailed heat map template make it possible for you to create sales or kpi heat maps using raw Excel sales data. It's simple, you need only 2 minutes to finished the procedure.
excel france map mockup 1

New year, brand new free excel maps for you! Excel France Map is a highly interactive sales map for sales managers and business analyst. Our excel mapping series will continue in 2015! You are free to use our sales maps for your personal and business presentations. You can use them freely providing that you do not redistribute or sell them. If you like these templates, we would always appreciate a link back to our website. Many thanks.
Excel Premium Power Maps design 1

Excel Premium Power maps series are a brand new project for you! After the one month development phase finally we are ready to present our new excel map templates for you which enable you to use the power of the excel sales power heat map. If you like kpi dashboards, project management examples and excel kpi templates visit these articles. We are happy to present you our Excel Premium Power Maps.
excel mapping aus_01

Excel mapping is a great solution to visualize geo data. We created a simple Australia vector map using data organized by country, state or region. This excel map template and feature will enable excel mapping or sales heat mapping option for you. Variously heat maps can easily be created using Excel Dashboard School mapping engine.


Rollover Hyperlink Dashboard - feat

Creating rollover hyperlink dashboard in Excel is not a daily routine for most Excel users. In this tutorial we will show you how to create a nice rollover dashboard using hyperlinks. We have one data table, four regions and four periods (quarters). How to visualize regional sales performance in one dynamic chart? We will help you to sharpen your data visualization techniques.
pimp your dashboard feat

Here is a real data visualization question: how to pimp your dashboard? If you are excel power user and bored with old templates then you should have a look at brand new design and layout. If our old school excel templates does not like we are back to square one. Using excel dashboard customization pack you can immediately add really special elements to your excel business templates and reports. Considering the features in this dashboard tool use the built in Excel shapes, they are fully customizable.
create social media dashboard

We wish a happy New Year to all Excel fan! We promise that in the year 2015 we will show you more useful and more than ever seen dashboards. In this tutorial we’ll create social media dashboard using cool features. Of course it is all free of charge and will not change in the future. There will be more novelty await you so should visit the site more often for the newest Excel tips and news! Let’s see a new Excel presentation of a social media dashboard.
excel hr dashboard 001

Today we will design an excel hr dashboard applying some unique and original technique. Our principal is just like before. We will make a simple dashboard that is suitable for managerial goals and allows a quick analysis.The excel hr dashboard will compare the annual performance of co-workers listed in the first column in quarterly breakdown. We will collate the planned and the actual index.


project status dashboard feat 700357

Today’s featured article explains how to create a useful excel dashboard template. We have combined the flexibility of KPI traffic light indicators with the power of project status dashboard. We can use also traffic lights to visualize the popularity of products further to measure the project status.
excel gantt chart dark

Gantt chart is a variation of bar chart, created by H. Gantt in the 1910s, that demonstrates a project plan. Excel Gantt chart show the start and finish dates of the critical elements and overview elements of a project. This free excel chart template also used in IT to represent data that have been received.
Issue tracker revisited

You will find a free excel issue tracker template so you can be used to track project management issues. Project management is the control of planning and managing resources to contribute regarding the completion of your objectives. Excel issue tracker is a superb management tool. By this task planning template you can keep an eye on your project by special actions using the Gantt chart model. The free excel example is separated into 2 sections: the left section that need standard information about the project. The main section contains graphical informations about the project.
excel risk template - excel dashboard

In this article I'll show you how to build excel risk template. We used an exclusive ID to categorize the issue in the tracker. The Description of Issue column should be populated with a description of the issue. The priority column should be populated with the priority of the issue. Select from categories as defined by the risk management plan. Effective choices include the following: High, Medium and Low.