Build Excel Map using Excel 2013 Web Apps

Build Excel Map using Excel 2013? We have a brand new feature named Web Apps. Open Excel 2013 and click the Insert tab on the ribbon then navigate to Apps menu.

OK, many cool apps are available: web gauges for creating interactive dashboards, tools for build geographical heat maps, dashboard templates, people graph for creating great looking infographics style Excel KPI Dashboards.


In this article I’ll show you how to build excel map to visualize sales performance by US States. Select the Geographical Heat map application and click Insert!

We need a prepared excel table which contain two colums: theID of  US states and the Sales.


 Now Click the gear button on the top!


The geographical heat map will show you the sales performance by each US states.


The four steps of create excel visualization:

  1. We’ll select the source data (column A and B)
  2. Choose our columns (description of header)
  3. We can pick a color theme: Red to Green, Green to Red or greyscale.
  4. Finally add a map title to our dashboard

If it’s done click the save button.


Check the new productivity apps In the Microsoft Office store, It can be very useful for business analyst, marketing managers and developers. I recommend to everyone use this great tool if you dont have time to creating complex excel dashboards. Last but not least we need a Microsoft account to use Office Online store.

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