Brazil Excel Map Template


Brazil Excel Map Template – Free Excel Maps. Are you interested in business administration or sales? Brazil Excel Map Template is a ready to use geographical dashboard! Think you don’t have enough time to create sales dashboards or product comparison dashboard? You haven’t idea how to visualize your sales or marketing data? Relax and watch Brazil Excel Map Template now. You can easily add sales mapping to your spreadsheets or business presentation templates also control all settings, colour themes, currency and number formats and the gauge widget titles.

Netherlands Excel Map


Netherlands Excel Map is our latest project, the business must go on! We used a well-tried Excel Dashboard School’s vba engine and mapping solution to create a ready to use sales dashboard template. We received a lot of ineterest and email about maps and kpi templates, thank you for your mails and questions! We appreciate your time and valuable feedback in supporting us make our excel dashboard templates and maps better. In the last week we just checked our analytics page, more than 1500 excel map downloads in the last month! Thanks for trusting our sales dashboards! We are so happy!

Excel France Map


New year, brand new free excel maps for you! Excel France Map is a highly interactive sales map for sales managers and business analyst. Our excel mapping series will continue in 2015! You are free to use our sales maps for your personal and business presentations. You can use them freely providing that you do not redistribute or sell them. If you like these templates, we would always appreciate a link back to our website. Many thanks.

Excel Mapping – Australia Heat Map


Excel Mapping – Australia Heat Map. Excel mapping is a great solution to visualize geo data. We created a simple Australia vector map using data organized by country, state or region. We make interactive ready to go excel dashboards and map templates with clean interface. Australia map template is ideal for business analysts or sales managers to creating visual solutions, presentations and dashboards in excel. Finally we built a clean code and fresh design. The base vector map and VBA engine are provided via Excel so an Internet connection is NOT required for mapping data. Our mapping solution makes it easy for all excel users to quickly create interactive maps, sales presentation or data visualization.

Power Maps – Excel Germany Heat Map


Power Maps – new day, new excel maps!  Germany has a federal structure and comprises 16 states (Länder): Schleswig Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hamburg, Niedersachsen, Bremen, Brandenburg, Berlin, Sachsen-Anhalt, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Hessen, Thüringen, Sachsen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Bayern and Baden-Württemberg. Excel Power Maps – Germany Excel Power Map Edition is a new spreadsheet template for you to visualize and map … Read more

Excel Map Data – Canada Heat Map


Excel Map Data – Canada Heat Map. Welcome to the world of excel dashboards and custom maps! We made a brand new geographic heat map using Canada states. Using our excel map data solutions you can map excel data in just minutes and the result will really cool.We working hard and love to create complex dashboards in excel and smooth kpi business reports for all people. From now it is no problem for you to map your data into an excel dashboard. Go to the data sheet and fill the sales data table. On the calculation sheet you can summarize the sales values by states then jump to map sheet, select the color theme! We provide on the marketplace professional excel templates.

Free Excel Maps – India Excel Sales Heat Map


Free excel maps andventures continued online! It is time to start thinking, working, analyzing and winning. Free excel maps and interactive dashboards for you, nothing else matters. Are you a sales analyst or business analyst and works in India? Cool. We can help you to create free excel maps and dashboards and to improve your excel skills. You are in the right place to learn how to create excellent sales reports or sales dashboards using our templates.

Build Excel Map using Excel 2013 Web Apps


Build Excel Map using Excel 2013? We have a brand new feature named Web Apps. Open Excel 2013 and click the Insert tab on the ribbon then navigate to Apps menu. OK, many cool apps are available: web gauges for creating interactive dashboards, tools for build geographical heat maps, dashboard templates, people graph for creating great looking infographics style Excel KPI Dashboards.

Excel Power Map – Exploring Data in 3D


What is Excel Power Map? This is a great tool for everyone to explore and visualize data in 3D. Using this solution and analysis feauters we can create highly detailed interactive dashboard, customer performance presentation. We can handle huge data sets a brand new way and we can share them with other users. In my first article I’ll show you how to create a simple 3D dashboard using BI features and Microsoft mapping service. Exploring Data in 3D! Excel Power Map is native to Excel 2013 for Office365 ProPlus users! Let’s rock!