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variance analysis report one

Variance Analysis Report

The variance analysis report is an often used Excel template in everyday work. In our article today we would like to introduce with a few words the procedure that can help us achieve spectacular results quickly when we have to create a plan-actual comparison. Our Excel tip series expands with another presentation. In the future we’d like to pay a little more attention to the small but very useful apps. Based on the feedbacks we receive these are at least as much needed than Excel dashboards or complex analyses.
excel sorting data tips main

Excel Sorting Data Tips

Excel Sorting Data Tips - With the help of Excel Sorting Data Tips we looking for solutions for very interesting problems today. How to sort dynamically a list containing two columns ('Product' and 'Sales' columns) at will only using excel functions? On the second worksheet we will show you a solution based on the on the fly sorting technique. It is well capable of give us help in creating an excel dashboard or other visualization tasks especially when available space is scarce.
Excel job interview tips

Excel job interview tips

Excel job interview tips - The following excel job interview tips we have put together particularly for those who seek jobs. In the past 15 years we have written a few of them ourselves, there were more simple ones and complex ones also, we would like to share with you in this article the experiences about these interviews. We should never say that we know Excel, unless we do know quite a few functions. Where they particularly require the Excel knowledge (controller of sales analyst positions), there they know Excel so well that by asking the name of a simple formula they can already find out what is the relationship between Excel and the prospective employee
excel datedif function

Excel Datedif Function

Just a few words about a great but not open to the public excel date function. The excel DATEDIF function is a useful tool, it is not defined in the standard Excel help structure. Let's rock around the Excel clock tonight, read our beginners guide! Syntax: DATEDIF(start_date,end_date;interval) The DATEDIF function has three arguments: start_date and end_date are the two parameters (dates) to find the difference between two dates. Interval is the time period to apply to determine the gap between start_date and end_date.
transpose excel table

Transpose Excel Table

Transpose Excel table The Excel 2013 tutorial series will continue! Start learning Excel essentials with our library! In this short tutorial we will learn how...
Excel COUNTIFS formula

Excel COUNTIFS Formula

Excel COUNTIFS Formula We will use the Excel COUNTIFS formula, as it allows us to set more than one condition. If we are in an...
Excel Countif formula - excel template

Excel COUNTIF Formula

Excel COUNTIF Formula In this tutorial we will learn how to work with the Excel's COUNTIF formula. The Excel COUNTIF formula counts the number of...
Pivot Table using Macro feat

Pivot Table using Macro – Excel Templates

Pivot Table using Macro We can reconstruct our pivot table using macro if you create a month / year presentation. What We want to do is...
Excel Frequency Formula

Excel Frequency Formula

Excel Frequency Formula Excel Frequency Formula returns a frequency distribution as a vertical array. Identify a range of data on which you want to perform your frequency...
Consolidate Multiple Worksheets

Consolidate Multiple Worksheets – Excel Pivot Tables

Consolidate Multiple Worksheets In this tutorial I'll show you how to Consolidate Multiple Worksheets into one Pivot table.To summarize and report results from separate worksheet ranges,...