Traffic Light Dashboard Template

traffic light dashboard template

We have good news for the Excel funs! No more traffic jams if you use our traffic light dashboard! Just work or learn using our fully editable and free stoplight template. Before creating a dashboards or templates, set up your goals. It is important to decide what metric is most suitable for you.

In the example, you will learn how to track a project using a smart way. Use key performance indicators, and you can measure all activities easily.
One of the most liked tools is conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel. A traffic light report is an all-round tool, and it is not a difficult task to build it.

As usual, the light has three statuses. Use three different colors (red, yellow, and green) to track the project status!
Before we take a deep dive: just a few words about the solution. We apply a new method besides the VLOOKUP and SUMIF formulas. Learn how to build dashboards from the ground up using a blank Excel workbook.

Advanced Score Meter Chart

score meter chart

The score meter chart template is a smart chart that helps you to display values on a quality scale. Are you want to show your KPIs using a dynamic chart? You have to follow only a few steps! The template is based on multiple stacked bar charts. First, create a simple table for your data set. Split the range (from 0% to 100%) into five areas, like poor, uncertain, fair, good, and excellent.

You’ll use an array formula to decide that in the FREQUENCY column, what value will correspond to the actual value. Apply a custom color scale for each section from red to green. Your chart template is ready to use!

Customer Service Dashboard

customer service dashboard overview

Download our customer service dashboard template and make quick decisions! Use dashboards in Excel to analyze trends and track the performance. We love drill-down methods! With its help, you can transform your data into a custom view. It’s important to display the data in an easily understandable format.

How to create it? The answer is simple. Show the most important metrics! Agents, team leaders, managers depend on a well-organized dashboard to track performance over time.

Our goal is to improve customer service’s performance. Furthermore, we’ll take a snapshot of the plan vs. actual ratio for improvements. In the example, we’ll track and measure the following metrics: Calls, Resolved Calls, Customer Satisfaction.

This excel dashboard allows you to transform data into an advanced template! Get information about various levels, from overall contact center performance to departments and sales representations.

We already know that processing a huge data set is not an easy task. Discover how to convert the results of outgoing calls into an advanced dashboard template!

Sales Funnel Chart

sales funnel pipeline chart

Sometimes we need to build custom charts. What if you want to analyze your sales funnel? As we mentioned above, some built-in Excel charts are outdated. The funnel a marketing tool that raises many interesting questions. The graph show areas using multiple levels in a process. If you are using Microsoft Excel, you have only a basic chart with limited functions. Read more about our automated solution! Get the best funnel chart that you have ever seen. Take a closer look at the video to see what is under the hood.

Conditional Formatting Shapes

Conditional Formatting Shapes template

How to use conditional formatting on charts? Formatting cells is easy in Excel. Custom shapes can improve this useful function; you can highlight elements and build a dynamic chart template. As you know, Excel charts have some limits.

Take a closer look at the chart template; we will show you how all this is possible. In a nutshell, conditional formatting charts can do way more things than most of you think. Control your dynamic shapes using a small VBA code. Download the sample workbook, and play with the graph!

Free Dashboard Widgets

free dashboard widgets

What is a widget? We hear and talk a lot about it in our everyday work. Maybe many don’t know what this phrase exactly means.

Widgets are supplements, mini applications that Excel does not include as a default. Do you need new ideas? From gauge chart it is never enough! The quarter style widget is not too frequent but can be excellently use.

Just imagine that you have a template and you notice at the end that you run out of place on the worksheet. We will help you to fix it!

Plan Actual Variance Chart

Plan Actual Variance Chart 2017 feat

In this tutorial, you will learn how to transform bars into a stunning variance chart. If you are using a variance chart template, you only need to provide the actual value and the target value. For example, you want to compare the sales of two companies for the last 12 months. Note: we recommend you using combo charts for financial purposes.

How to create the template? As first, add data for the bars. We are using grey bars to display the plan value. On the lollipop chart, we’ll show the actual value. With the help of green and red arrows, it’s easy to show the differences. The green arrows are pointing upward, and the red arrows are pointing downward on the final chart. That is all! The template provides dynamic updates. If you change single or multiple values, the chart will reflect.