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Project management templates turn your project data into easy-to-read graphics. Visualization is an easy way to present project status to clients or management, without sharing the details of project.

The project activity template will show one of the most crucial field of the project management. It approaches the planning and scheduling phase from a brand new viewpoint. What does the phrase project activity dashboard mean? Relating with a project we use various resources. These can be the following: materials and tools for manufacturing and last but not least, human resources.

How to start creating you dashboard?

risk management template

Project Risk Template

We'll show you how to track and analyse risks. We don’t have to explain the risks linked to the project regarding business decisions. Using the now introduced dashboard we will utterly simplify tasks. Project Risk Template – Fundamentals - Let’s take a closer look at the operation of a company and relating risks. The project risk template use risk ranking to determine matrix score. This is a priority (with weighted category) list which is determined by the relative ranking of the risks.
project activity map featured

Project Activity Dashboard

The project activity dashboard will show one of the most important field of the project management, the planning and scheduling of the resources from a completely new view. Previously we have acquired the concept of issue tracking and Gantt chart and now this is the time to take another step to make more complex dashboards. What does the phrase project activity dashboard mean? We know that when we perform business tasks we use up resources, materials or tools needed for manufacturing and last but not least, human resources and project risks.

Project Management Dashboard

The Excel project management template analyzes procedures in the field of IT and software development. There will be very interesting topics discussed because software development isn’t that we design a product and within two weeks we develop it without any arising issues. There is no such thing! We effectively support the work of the developers with the application of an Excel project dashboard. Also can be its further advantage that it is a continuous feedback for the management. We should start with an interesting question. What is a ticket? A ticket is such a warning sign (not always necessary means a mistake!) that indicates we have to reconsider a particular activity or a procedure.

Project Status Dashboard

Today’s featured project status dashboard explains how to build an useful excel project management solution. We have combined the flexibility of KPI traffic light indicators with the power of project status dashboard. We can use also traffic lights to visualize the popularity of products further to measure the project status. This is an easy task at first look, but in reality building of such dashboard needs some attention.

Issue Tracker Dashboard

Our excel project dashboard is separated into three sections: the Gantt chart area, the gauge area and the resources heat map. Gauges and speedometers are a useful tools to measuring the actual project completion ratio. Let’s get acquainted with some terms before we start the dashboard making progress in detail. It’s useful to know about them because they are essential in the field of project management and also throughout the project tracking process. What does issue tracking means? The most important thing that we must know about it is they conduct a continuous tracking and analysis of project related activities.
project timeline dashboard

Project Timeline Dashboard

With the help of the project timeline dashboard we will give you a tool which will make the project tasks administration very easy. In today’s story we will review this subject in detail. In developing the Excel template we used such visualization representation that adrift from custom. We would like to give you something useful, it is our hope that we can be successful again. The milestone is an event that marks the overall end of a main process or processes related to each other. The milestone by its definition not related to duration and doesn’t require effort, doesn’t connect to work.