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Data Entry using UserForm and VBA

In today's example we'll introduce data entry with the help of the UserForm. Using UserForm can considerably improve the interaction with our users. Furthermore this way we can assist them to execute particular steps. They play a very important role in the automatization of Excel. In these days none of the business dashboards can be imagined without Form Controls. Let's say a few words about today's task. At times data entry can be very boring and by this can incline users to mistakes.

Show Developer Tab on the ribbon

How to show Developer tab on the Ribbon in Excel? This tab contains a lot of advanced features. We will show you how to enable it! The Developer tab can't be found on the ribbon as a default. In today's article we'll show how can it be reached and what kind of functions it has. You wouldn't even think how many things can be controlled by its use. Of its many advantages let's see here some: we can launch macros, we can insert interactive controls. Thereby we give data visualization an effective support and can make our presentation more spectacular.

VBA macro collection

We are collected some useful and most wanted excel macros which can help you in everyday without problems. Excel Dashboard School’s vba macro collection contains very...