Chart Tools for Mac

Our professional chart add-in runs great on Mac Excel! In addition, you can use various chart types and stunning live widgets! So if you have a Mac and you want to build stunning dashboards in minutes, this utility is yours!

Latest release: v10

ribbon ui mac
  • One-time fee, NO subscription
  • NEW! – Unlimited Workstations enabled
  • Zero programming skills required
  • Lifetime FREE updates
  • Compatible with Excel for Mac 2016 up to Office365 (Microsoft365)
  • Various chart types in a single click
  • Please read the FAQ, before buying the tool
  • Gauge and Dual Gauge Chart (up to 12 zones)
  • Radial Bar Chart, Bullet Chart, Score Meter Chart (horizontal)
  • Traffic Light Widget, Waterfall Charts
  • Cycle Plot, Ring Chart
  • Advanced Variance Charts
  • Mekko Chart, Sales Funnel
  • TreeMap, Frequency Distribution
UDT for Windows
One-time fee
UDT for Mac
One-time fee
UDT Bundle (Win & Mac)
One-time fee

Gauge Chart

gauge chart for mac excel

Dual Gauge Chart

dual gauge chart for mac excel

Polar Area Chart

polar area chart for mac excel

Bullet Charts for Mac

bullet chart mac excel

Sales Funnel Chart for Mac

sales funnel for mac excel

Marimekko Chart for Mac Excel


Waterfall Charts

waterfall chart for mac excel

Variance Charts

vari charts for mac