Create Social Media Dashboard

We wish a happy New Year to all Excel user! We promise that in the year 2015 we will show you more useful and more than ever seen excel dashboard templates. In this tutorial we’ll create social media dashboard using cool features.

Of course it is all free of charge and will not change in the future. There will be more novelty await you so should visit the site more often for the newest Excel tips and news! Let’s see a new Excel presentation of a social media dashboard.

If you operate a website than this article is for you! In the past years this subject become really timely because everyone is interested in what kinds of community site activity can one’s website or blog is able to generate. If there are lots of visitors from the community media on your site, than your blog can be popular in a short time. We cannot overlook that this can also have positive financial impact.

The preparation of the statement is based on an hr example of an earlier article, we have revised this somewhat to suit it for the current needs.

The drop-down list is nothing new; we have used it many times before. We have chosen 5 major community sites we will examine these in a 12 month period.

Based on the given results you can easily tell how popular you are in the social media.


We have already talked about the menu that is in the upper right hand corner, we not going to give details of it at this time.

Searching through the earlier articles you can easily find a downloadable sample worksheet.

We have placed the picture of the 5 community site in question on the ‘data’ worksheet, which are changing dynamically effected by the drop-down list in connection of the current values.

We have created the design that the vintage / retro stile predominates. We hope that you like it!

Create social media dashboard – Conditional formatting and sparklines

With the use of the conditional formatting we are able to highlight the values of the currently chosen community site from the other data.

On the illustration we marked this blue. For making the chart we have used the ‘sparklines’ feature of Excel.

It’s very useful if you create social media dashboard. The essence of this is that with a use of one cell we can display values / data. It is a small, but spectacular innovation.

You can read more about it in the article below.

You can download the template HERE, shape it to you own liking, make the best of it for yourself! Here is the ticket to download!