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Rolling 6 Months Dashboard feat

Rolling 6 Months Dashboard template with clear and flexible design can be a perfect solution for you if you want to display huge amount of data from various sources. In this tutorial we will show you something different from either: how to create a highly interactive dashboard that shows the rolling 6 months on a dynamic dashboard.
Rollover Hyperlink Dashboard - feat

Creating rollover hyperlink dashboard in Excel is not a daily routine for most Excel users. In this tutorial we will show you how to create a nice rollover dashboard using hyperlinks. We have one data table, four regions and four periods (quarters). How to visualize regional sales performance in one dynamic chart? We will help you to sharpen your data visualization techniques.
pimp your dashboard feat

Here is a real data visualization question: how to pimp your dashboard? If you are excel power user and bored with old templates then you should have a look at brand new design and layout. If our old school excel templates does not like we are back to square one. Using excel dashboard customization pack you can immediately add really special elements to your excel business templates and reports. Considering the features in this dashboard tool use the built in Excel shapes, they are fully customizable.
create social media dashboard

We wish a happy New Year to all Excel fan! We promise that in the year 2015 we will show you more useful and more than ever seen dashboards. In this tutorial we’ll create social media dashboard using cool features. Of course it is all free of charge and will not change in the future. There will be more novelty await you so should visit the site more often for the newest Excel tips and news! Let’s see a new Excel presentation of a social media dashboard.
excel hr dashboard 001

Today we will design an excel hr dashboard applying some unique and original technique. Our principal is just like before. We will make a simple dashboard that is suitable for managerial goals and allows a quick analysis.The excel hr dashboard will compare the annual performance of co-workers listed in the first column in quarterly breakdown. We will collate the planned and the actual index.
excel dashboard toolkit 700357v2

In this article we will share you how to use our lightweight dashboard widgets to create great but simple and fast presentations using Excel Dashboard Toolkit. Our idea of a perfect dashboard to stop spending too much time at work. What do you think about? If you are thinking of making a business dashboard template use our free resources. Try this Excel Dashboard Toolkit Traffic Light widget to setting up your business goals!
excel project dashboard 700357

In this tutorial, you'll discover how to build a strong excel kpi template using Excel. It is necessary when you are in IT or develop key performance indicators in this sector. Our objective is to provide a kpi dashboard in order to have a full overview of the software development procedure. Today's question: How to create a great looking excel project dashboard template?
excel sales dashboard 700357

This tutorial explains how to build a fine excel sales dashboard using Excel data validation, VLOOKUP formula and speedometer chart. We will see the basic rules that you need to understand to create dynamic performance reports and presentations and the information will clear and easy to understand. If you are in sales or looking for a way to track sales performance use our free excel template.