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Excel Dashboard Toolkit

In this article we will share you how to use our lightweight dashboard widgets to create great but simple and fast presentations using Excel Dashboard Toolkit.

Our idea of a perfect dashboard to stop spending too much time at work.

What do you think about? If you are thinking of making a business dashboard template use our free resources. Try this Excel Dashboard Toolkit Traffic Light widget to setting up your business goals!

Excel Dashboard Toolkit – Traffic Light widget

We will show you how to set up traffic lights in Excel to show the actual value. We don’t need to use conditional formatting to highlight project status or KPI status.

Follow these simple steps to put value in a cell to visualize your data.

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Click the left cell (Red) and insert the maximum value for red light. Click the next cell (Yellow) and insert the maximum value for yellow light. If the entered actual value is between 50 and 80 the light will be yellow. Under 50 the light will be red.

Try to enter a number between 80 and 130 and the light will be green. It can be useful for you to create a well-designed excel kpi dashboard or balances scorecard template.

Excel Dashboard Toolkit – Gauges

We will show you how each type of speedometer works on this excel dashboard template. You can configure the yellow section. The color yellow indicates that the KPI Gauge has a value between 45 and 100.

The largest value in a range 145. Between 100 and 145 we indicate the maximum area of key performance indicator using green. Just enter a value into the input cell and the needle will show you the actual performance.

excel dashboard toolkit image2

The picture below show you how to change the scale up to 270. The method for setting up the gauge is same as the first. The speedometer highlights information about the process or target by which range is selected.

excel dashboard toolkit image270

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Download the traffic lights template and the speedometer template!