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Excel Gauge Widgets

We have come to the last chapter of our Excel Gauge Widgets category. It doesn’t mean they are out of date we’d just simply like to take new direction that will contain at least as many useful templates as before.

In the past years we had many speedometer and other tools in our articles we think we close up with a “4 in 1” Excel Gauge Widget collection. We hope you will create many many excel dashboards by the models here, now everything is given for this.

We have gotten this from the bottom of the toolbox. Today we talk about four completely different structured tool, we hope you will like them.

Excel Gauge Widgets – Quarter style

This speedometer style isn’t too common but very useful. Just imagine that annoying situation that you have planned and created the dashboard and at the end we notice we had run out of space and only the point is missing.

The “Scale settings” part is the same in all the here introduced widgets, you can set the usual KPI color chart in the Red-Amber-Green lines.

excel gauge widgets quarter gauge

We recommend you that after downloading the template try to modify the values this way you will learn the fastest the knowledge needed to operate it.

Excel Gauge Widgets – Circle style

excel gauge widgets circle style

Here is the classic speedometer, can not be absent from any dashboard so we don’t talk about it lenghtly.

Although there is one change that resolve the previous restrictions (that was sometimes a little bit annoying). The scale can not only be set between 0 and 100, but you can set it for arbitrary values, the widget will set to the new values.

We have used this format on many dashboards and were always successful. Of course there are always counter-arguments / doubts about its use we have read articles that didn’t have good opinion about it. We think it is mostly from lack of creativity and persistence.

Excel Gauge Widgets – Semi Circle Style

excel gauge widgets semi circle

Interesting of the second speedometer that values can be given in %. So far this wasn’t typical but there are many key performance indicators (KPI) can only be defined in %. Some examples: First call resolution, Customer Satisfaction, Percentage of Calls Abandoned, Operational Efficiency and many many more.

If you use these indicators in the business life, then this speedometer is the best for creating perfect dashboards.

Excel Gauge Widgets – Blinker style

And for last let’s see something really special! The speedometer on the picture has an extra feature. On the bottom of the gauge there is a blinker that’s color-scale / color-value is free to change.

excel gauge widgets blinker

In the first part of this article we said we will end this series. This is of course not permanent if we find something new then we will immediately publish that.

There is an unforgettable part of every article and that is the download section. Thank you for visiting our excel blog! Stay tuned.

The 4 in 1 dashboard widget is available on this link.

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