Excel HR Dashboard

excel hr dashboard 001

Excel HR Dashboard

Today we will design an excel hr dashboard applying some unique and original technique.

Our principal is just like before.

We will make a simple dashboard that is suitable for managerial goals and allows a quick analysis.

When you understand the principals of dashboard making than in a short time you can be professional at it at your area of specialization. And this is our primary objective.

The drop-down menu list is known for those who work with Excel. We have talked about it before we wouldn’t detail it now.

excel hr dashboard 001

Components of Excel HR Dashboard

The component of the base board is as follows: in the first column there are the names, in the next four we can find the quarterly data. The sixth column contains the average performance, and the seventh is the qualifications.

You may convert or replace the qualification base settings as you wish (you can find these in the Final column). The Plan column shows the planned values.

Let’s see how the chart works! On the chart we will always view the chosen co-worker’s achievements in a plan / fact breakdown. The blue line shows the quarter year achievements, the green shows the average achievements.

The red line represents the expected (planned) values. We can see, that in this case the chosen co-worker has accomplished under expectation.

excel hr dashboard 002

Using a profile picture in Excel HR Dashboard

To apply a profile picture in Excel? We have not seen this before, although the opportunity is given, we only need a little creativity.

To view the picture we have applied a new technique (picture-link), for details see the calc worksheet.

It is simple but a great working method.

In general we can also say that when developing a dashboard a lot of times it is enough to use 1-1 small new idea which is brightens up the presentation.

You should keep that in mind.

Download this free excel dashboard template!