Gauge Chart Tutorial

gauge chart tutorial car template

Gauge chart tutorial

We have been planning to create the gauge chart tutorial for some time now. In today’s article, you will get to know everything about the gauge chart.

And how this will go? The following will be an irregular Excel tutorial! We can even call it a summary.

We will show you the creation of the gauge chart and all of the articles we have written about this subject in the past years.

First of all we’d like to give you a comprehensive picture about the speedometer kind of dashboards!

Maybe some of our notes will be a little bit dividing and provocative. And we proudly own up to this.

With 15 years of Excel experience behind us, we will not be making a slip in speaking. You have to know that nothing is impossible with the use of the gauge chart!

And as usual, we have not forgotten about the free solutions either, there will be several Excel templates downloadable for free.

How to use Gauge chart?

So here are some dashboards that well demonstrate the possibilities of the speedometer.

Take a closer look at the gallery that we have made with the help of the Ultimate Dashboard Tools and the Gauge Maker Pro.

Let’s check out these presentations if we’d like to see it in action!

We have also used some graphics in order for you to see the almost endless possibilities of the speedometer dashboard.

Create Pro Business Dashboards using Speedometers

If you look up the gauge chart phrase on the internet than you will constantly find only one kind of it. Basically that is useless, to tell the truth.

We’d like to create professional Excel dashboards.

Not over days, not over hours, but in a matter of minutes!

We kept this in mind when started the development of the Gauge Maker Pro and the Ultimate Dashboard Tools.

What makes a solution professional?

  • They are simple, understandable and fully automated procedures;
  • The creation of a business dashboard takes only a few minutes;
  • Quick and spectacular results can be achieved without extensive Excel knowledge;
  • High quality data-visualization capability.

Based on our previous experiences the visitors of our website mostly are CEOs, business analysts, financial, HR, IT, sales or marketing professionals.

We’ve developed the speedometer add-in step by step taking their feedbacks into consideration.

We are proud to have received so much recognition about our automated dashboard products!

It seems that more and more managers think that this is the shortest and most efficient way to make quality business dashboards.

We would like to thank here all our customers the purchase, the kind words and also the constructive criticism!

Free Speedometer Resources

Finally we have thought about those who rather prefer the free dashboards. There are some gauge chart tutorials for them also.

In this part we’d like to introduce the use of gauge chart for the beginners.

The following dashboards are all absolutely free.

We’ll present them below, and will say a few words about their usage.

How to create Dual Gauge Chart Template?

This is our most liked free Excel dashboard template!

It gives up the usual data-visualization and beyond this enables the spectacular portrayal of the differences between the plan / actual values.

dual gauge chart template

Many “Excel expert” criticized speedometer kind of solutions, so we have created a unique, never before published example.

We hope this will convince the sceptics.

Boost your Presentation using Gauge Chart Widgets

Widgets are such little tools that can be useful accessories of every excel dashboard template.

gauge chart widgets

We have carefully put together this little speedometer collection. So this can be widely applied.

The combination of the quarter, half and full gauge widget makes possible the creation of very cool looking dashboards.

Creating Excel Gauge Chart

The previous solutions have been made without the use of VBA codes.

The following template is unique because we have installed a color changing section.

With the use of this we can chose from five teams.

gauge chart awesome tutorialWe have used the same method in creating the Excel maps.

The source code is completely free! Please visit the Excel map section!

Interactive Excel Dashboard using Gauge chart

This article is a few years old but we find it useful; this is why we bring your attention to it.

At the very beginning we did not have all the knowledge to start the dashboards with the help of the VBA code.

The creation of the speedometer can be achieved using the classical mathematic formulas also. If you have some time, you should spend some time reading this article also.

interactive gauge chartThe article almost reaches the end. Here we would like to recommend you more downloads in this subject. (soon)


The gauge / speedometer chart can be applied in many-many fields. It is a serious task to properly determine the key performance indicators and the creation of the connecting KPI dashboard. KPI is a huge subject; soon we’ll introduce an article about it.

To tell the truth this subject can be equally loved and hated. We don’t mind that this subject divides people’s assumptions!

It makes this profession beautiful! What would happen if everyone would use the same tools?
It would create templates that are spitting images of each other.

We recommend you the following steps. First you should think it through what would You like to use this tool for? Carefully plan the dashboard! It is even worth to draw up a paper based sketch.

If you have the resources and the key performance indicators are all right, then you can take the last step, to choose the appropriate kind of gauge.

Do not forget the Excel infographics either; they can boost the overall picture.

Like always, the decision is yours! Thank you for being with us today!