Infographic Dashboard Design

Infographic Dashboard Design – The golden rule of data visualization professionals is finding the balance between the amount of data and the design. If you show too many visuals, the readers might lose the point.

However, if there is too much raw data, they will not be able to comprehend what they see. How can we show data in Excel properly? Once you managed to set the goals and figure out what you would like to bring home to your audience the first phase is completed.

A new chapter begins, because the world is changing faster than ever, the visualization of data became a task most important.

This is the time when the content finally is not made up only of text and numbers but contains many spectacular graphics elements.

Infographic Dashboard Design – How to create it?

If you use our Gauge templates your co-workers, bosses and friends will analyze the graphically displayed content with pleasure.

These kpi dashboards not only fit well to campaigns of a company but they are useful for presentation purposes also.

Planning phase


What is it all about? A well planned and executed infographic insures two kinds of potential.

The first one is that it’s extraordinarily visual so it is much easier to understand than a usual dashboard or a great heap of numbers.

The accurately planned infographic is a picture connected to a well-chosen color.

By this the information will become interesting and exciting!

During planning is important that we guide a story string through it (for example, operation of a project or a marketing process), these kinds of stories help better understanding and make the message memorable.

It is worth to plan and execute the design by a well thought out idea.

Infographic Dashboard Design – Content first!

When a company markets a product or service where they with care and attention mind the details, determine the target market, the infographics can be an effective complementary element.

With its help is possible to show the details properly and focus can be directed to things that elevate the brand in the eyes of the audience.

Put as much emphasis on the given product or service as possible. This way the product will be in focus instead of the numbers!

Many believe that most of the huge companies almost always reach the goal and trust of the client / customer.

This is especially true of the world of the internet.

By the help of an outstanding quality and stimulating infographics companies get opportunity and a chance to take the leading position and gain the more customers.

In the frame of marketing campaigns high standard visualization is very popular.

Infographic Dashboard Design – Marketing campaigns

A well-made interactive excel template can be helpful answering questions and in making the final decision.

It is important to note that each interpretation does not have to be long or dragged out. We have to focus only one thing: that the infographic can show the main content simply in a few points.

Utilize this opportunity! Ideally for one-one subject 5 points are enough. Download our new excel templates!