Interactive Chart Tooltips

Would you like to see some great interactive chart tooltips? With help of these the charts and dashboards speak for themselves. We continually work so day by day, week by week we can create better and diverse dashboard for you. You can see the result in today’s guide.

The base board relatively simple, there are income, expenses, and the profit is the difference of these two. In the column Plan / Actual we can see how the planned income and expenditures take shape compare to the actual data. In the last column you can find the differences in percent. If the value is over 100 %, than we over-fulfilled the plan, obviously this is the goal.

The bullet chart seems to be the right decision when we make a plan / actual comparison. Take a look at it, how spectacularly displays the difference from the positive or negative!

Let us analyze the information gathered from the bullet chart: income fell behind the planned by 7 %, this is bad news. Expenditure is 3 % higher than previously expected. According to this (not too hard to guess) profit has also fell behind expectation.

There is a nominator belonging to the table, this is responsible for the display of the popup charts. There is 1-1 radio button for all three categories; by choosing between these we can get more information about the chosen category. In the popup windows we can be informed about the development of income / expenditure / profit with the help of different kinds of charts.

Interactive Chart Tooltips 1

Interactive Chart Tooltips – Trend

In analyzing a 12 month trend we gather enough information to form an opinion about the chosen year’s performance. With the help of Sparklines those months can be seen where the marketing volume of the product has been above or below average.

We love this kind of chart, don’t need to roam in the jungle of numbers, enough to take a look at it and the bottom line can be seen!

Interactive Chart Tooltips 2

Interactive Chart Tooltips – Cost Structure

If the radio button is checked next to the Costs field, than we can see the structure of the expenditure on a donut chart, if the casts can be summed up in 4-5 categories than useful to apply this chart.

If we have to organize 8-10 kinds of costs, products and / or categories than it’s important that we use a different chart.

Interactive Chart Tooltips 3

Interactive Chart Tooltips – Profit section

If the radio button is checked next to the Profit field, than we can see the development of the profit in monthly breakdown.

By taking a look at the picture we can easily see that the months of February and June-July-August were creating deficit, and also that the last three months of the year we performing especially good.

Interactive Chart Tooltips 4

Let us say this much about interactive chart tooltips, finally let’s talk about You!

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What can be expected in the next year? Our website will be stronger, faster and better.

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As an addition there’s going to be a big surprise next year, but this has to remain a secret. Next year everything turns out, in the meantime good work and study to you all. Download the chart!