KPI Cube Dashboard

kpi cube dashboard excel1

KPI Cube Dashboard

Kpi cube dashboard in Excel? We are crazy but in our opinion it’s not impossible to visualize more indicators on one kpi cube dashboard. Would you like to see a magic kpi dashboard trick? Aside of joking, we mapped a cube using Visual Basic for Application (VBA).We used the same engine as Premium Excel Power Maps.

When our first idea was born to display more key performance indicator we didn’t know ourselves if we are able to create such a special dashboard. The Rubik cube gave us the idea and after this we have stopped development for a long time because in the beginning we had a lot of trouble with spatial visualization. Fortunately the solution was born one sunny day!

If you are interested in how can you learn Excel shape-coloring technic and use it efficiently than look around in our Excel maps articles and take your pick! We had made more country’s interactive maps available for educational purposes. If you would like to gain more knowledge regarding this subject than we recommend you download one of the maps and using the instructions given there try to create your own Excel dashboard.

Have you got a minute? Let’s look into how we built this kpi dashboard! We will use excel shapes as a way of identifying and organizing visual information like key performance indicators.

kpi cube dashboard template

KPI Cube Dashboard – Zoom to Cube

The cube area divided into 27 color coded regions. There are 9 people on each sales team so we’ll measure three different teams. The 27 separated area in the cube represent the target versus actual value by each person.

We’ll measure performance! Just set targets for the kpi settings to monitor your sales teams!

We have no time to lose. As a result of the development of the kpi dashboard you can provide a powerful presentation in 5 minutes. In creating the dashboard we have applied previously introduced solutions, namely using some simple programming tricks we have colored geometrical objects based on the previously assigned values to given objects. This method is similar to conditional formatting but can be widely used.

Under the color changer area there is a drop-down list. We displayed the drop-down list with white color. The drop-down menu list is known for those who handle Excel, its key task to manage the listed data. On the right side of the picture there is the interactive cube. Based on the presented results you can quickly show how popular the selected sales rep in the team.

KPI Cube Dashboard – KPI and color settings

In column Scale values can be found that divide the scale for 16 equal parts and in column Display Label displayed the intervals. The Color Templates part shows that six color scale that colors the cube depending on the radio buttons modifications. And this is all!

kpi cube dashboard vision one

On the right side of the picture there is the interactive cube. Based on the presented results you can quickly show how popular the selected sales rep in the team.

Let’s call it a day. Last but not least don’t forget…knowledge is power!

Here is the kpi cube dashboard template! If you enjoyed this article please consider sharing it or follow us on social networks! We are preparing so many excel dashboard surprises for you in 2015. Stay tuned.