KPI Dashboard Widgets

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KPI Dashboard Widgets

KPI Dashboard Widgets are a new widget kit package for you in order to enhance visual quality of your personal excel dashboard. We will present you how to create a thermometer dashboard widget in Excel.

A thermometer graph indicates you the level of a target has been reached.

These can be pictures, objects made by shape technic, battery charts, infographics or even animations. The common trait in all of these is that they able to spectacularly improve the appearance of a simple Excel template. So the primary advantage is the support of the data visualization.

Other important feature is (and this is also why we make dashboards), that the analyzation of the displayed information lasts a lot shorter than to check through a table / chart containing several hundred lines.

In today’s article we cover dashboard supporting tools. The creation of these doesn’t consume a lot of time and yet they can be applied in many fields.

kpi dashboard widget featured_1

Kpi Dashboard Widgets – Thermometer

To develop a thermometer chart in Excel, we need two values. One cell need to show the actual value, and the second cell is the goal value so it will calculate the percentage. We prepared the thermometer shape and the scales in Illustrator.

Here are some free alternatives to edit vector shapes for example Inkscape for Windows or DrawIt for Mac.

kpi dashboard widget thermoOK, what’s next? Just define a column graph then you can use the clustered column subtype.
Select the vertical axis and right-click to get the ‘Format Axis’ window then in the scale tab of the ‘Format Axis’ panel, set min value to 0 and max value to 1.

It is very important to eliminate all the unnecessary elements from the chart (title, background, lines). Now fit chart to vector shape! That’s all! How it works? You can download the sample Excel workbook.

Kpi Dashboard Widgets – Dial Tool

The Dial Widget is a simple but smart chart it can be very efficient if you calculate a actual / plan (actual / target) status in percentage.

We’ll use three cells.The first cell contains the plan value (120), the second cell contains the actual value (101), the value of third cell will be calculated based on actual / plan (actual / target) values.

kpi dashboard widgets dial

The doughnut chart help us to visualize the gap.If you need more support, be sure to get in touch with us. You can download the dial mini chart using this link.

Score Meter Chart

kpi dashboard widget score meter

The scoring tool is nothing else than an improved version of a Thermometer chart. We have divided the interval between 0% and 100% into 5 equal parts, and marked them with different colors. Every single interval determines a quality indicator from ‘bad’ all the way to ‘excellent’.

By looking at the picture you can see this chart doesn’t need too many explanations. The currently set value is shown by a blue arrow marker. Use this link to start the excel training!

Many thanks for joining us today; we hope you will improve your excel skills using our tutorials and free kpi dashboard widgets!