Today’s KPI report template clearly shows the geometry and trigonometry implemented to create a new rotating and moving gauge needle to replace the static one. With a use of Excel and a speedometer many data-visualization can be created.

One of the best features of Excel is that if you spend enough time to know it than, with a little practice and creativity, you can make varied and useful excel dashboard templates. These templates provide information for the managers by basically portraying on one comprehensive screen the performance of the organizational departments, groups and divisions.

Well established decisions are of highlighted importance at every success hungry company. Well established decisions require support and this can arrive in the form of an excel dashboard to the CEO.

But let us not narrow the possibilities! We are in 2013, and this is an excel blog just launched. Our expectation is that we will introduce many utilization opportunities in the future. If you work as a business analyst or corporate analyst you are just on the right place!

After this short personal detour let’s see the first part of the Excel Dashboard Tutorial and this will be followed by many-many more throughout the years.

KPI Report Template – Math Functions

kpi report template

Let’s see step by step how is the speedometer made that can be seen on the picture.

Just import a simple free speedometer picture (jpg or portable network graphic format) from the web and edit it with an image manipulation software.

So we have a great little inserted picture of a speedometer. We will need a ticker that will show the current values.

Let’s define the position of the ticker.

We will calculate the ticker positions using SIN, COS and RADIANS mathematics functions. Create a scatter chart to visualize the ticker of gauge.

The creation of the ticker might appear complicated at first, so we recommend you to examine closely the attached template in order to see live the steps and formulas.

In this example we set the value of the Excel KPI dashboard. So the minimum value (the starting point of the red strip) is 0, the maximum (the end point of the green strip) is 100.

We emphasize that this is only one possibility and recommend you experiment and change it for the way it suits you best.

We are done with this let’s do the conversion of the chart and the creation of the eventual speedometer.

Clean up the Dashboard

It is amazing how many unnecessary components are on a chart! We have to delete all redundant and unnecessary elements from chart!

Change background color to transparent, remove chart legends and eliminate titles. If we are done with all this we close to success.

Finally we need a form control for us to control the speedometer. As a final point insert a spin button (you have to click the Developer tab on the ribbon). Then link it to cell which contains the speed control value.

KPI Report Template – Major Upgrades

It’s been a long time since the blog has been launched, as you can see there’ve been major developments.

In the newest articles every dashboard is much simpler and much more spectacular.

The functions of Excel have broadened in never be seen measures.

So we were able to free our imagination so dashboards awaiting for you on this site that support almost all of the fields of the business life (sales analytics, human resources, healthcare, call-center, finance, customer services).

Do you need more Gauge power? Start now! But let us not run too forward. You can download our first effort of an Excel dashboard and we hope that you will like it!