KPI Tracking Template

kpi tracking template free

KPI Tracking Template

Our KPI Tracking Template provides total freedom for everyone who is using or analyzing key performance indicators.

Please allow me a little detour before we go on to our article of the day. We have published many of templates in the past years. Parallel to this we have endeavored to provide more and more useful information and tools for our increasing visitors on our site.

We would like to surprise you with a little present! Lately we have received more and more questions regarding the key performance indicators subject.

In the creation of the following free dashboard we tried to keep in mind these needs in the hopes that many of you will like the result of our effort.

With the help of the KPI Tracking Template you will get a tool that has such virtues we all like. Work will be easy with it and a user friendly interface will help your work.

KPI Tracking Template – Idea and realization

kpi tracking template feat


KPI Tracking Template – Clearly and Simply

In our case the clearly and simply means that you only have to define the limits of the key performance indicators, namely to specify the arbitrary chosen color and value zones.

The VBA code responsible for the operation of the add-in guarantees that when the value of one cell changes all the elements of the dashboard changes dynamically.

We only say one sentence about the most important screen. When you open the Excel files on the ribbon you will see the two icons that are needed for the work.

kpi tracking template 2

The downloadable template contains nine indicators. You will be able to operate these in relation of complexity and we have not limited the number of objects manageable here.

So with the help of the dashboard even several hundred processes or activities can be measured.

On the picture below we show how some modifications can be made. Highlight the object to be modified, then chose from the menu available on the ribbon the Edit Shape function.

The interface is very easily managed, you able to set all the key performance indicators in a matter of minutes.

kpi tracking template three

On what fields the KPI tracking template can be used? The answer is habitual, almost everywhere. You can insert any kind of graphics. The colors are not fixed and the add-in contains a color-picker so that you can modify the dashboard.

Lately we endeavor to publish less specified dashboards in order for you to get a free hand in the last phase of the development.

We have to emphasize again and again the importance of the relations of Excel and infographics. By applying the pictures you can create solutions for and specified field to pimp the kpi tracking template.


The engine of the dashboard is given. Chose the best layout or formation for you! Then use such infographics that clearly show the corporate field for which the report was made for.

One very important thing at the end that you always have to pay attention to: the Excel workbook contains a built in VBA code that has to be running continually to provide the automated updates.

Do not use the Save As function! if you would like to build a new dashboard make a copy of the original template and start the work with that.

If you always observe this will not fall into the mistake that the data does not update.

The KPI Tracking Template was made at the cost of a lot of development, nonetheless you can download it completely free of charge.

With this decision our goal was to make this tool widely available to more professional or even beginner Excel user.

We hope it will be like this, and if you would like to share your experiences! We welcome your feedbacks, to send a message use the contact form located on the sidebebar!

This concludes our today’s article, and here is the link for the free KPI Tracker download.