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Excel Dashboard Templates

Excel dashboard templates will show you, how to build from a clean white spreadsheet to a totally efficient report.

You are in the right place at the right time if you need a fresh idea creating stunning data visualizations.

A great looking dashboard can radically improve the way you use and get sense of your information.

Generally, use the best techniques and visualization guidelines when creating your dashboards.

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The first period is always critical for a newly launched blog and this is like this at ours. Our primary goal is operation on a high technical and professional level.

Of course we can feel fortunate because finally we do the things we really like. Just learn and play with these excel dashboard templates and you will see: You have a lot of magic eye-catching solutions to build something new, something special. That’s the point.

How to create awesome excel dashboard?

Create Customer Analytics

As you can see at first glance on the picture we’ve chosen an unusual arrangements and design.We’ve tried to use the opportunities provided by infographics which is wildly used these days. We hope you’ll like the technique introduced today.

We’ll prove once again that we can always learn something new about making excel dashboard templates!

Excel Traffic Light Dashboard

As is usual KPI can be linked to three different statuses. If the indicator is red, we know at once that something is not going well with the examined process and we have to intervene right away.

We are planning an article at a later date about risk management. We will talk about how we can reduce risk factors in a most efficient way.

Create Sales Dashboard

Why are the CEOs of the company need to continually follow the business processes and achievements? You get the answer for this in the next paragraph. Even in the case at multinational corporations there is roughly an 80% chance for serious revenue growth.

If the manager understands that in spite of that they are present as a market leader in one particular market segment and ‘the numbers are good’, and the owners are also satisfied, it is not for sure that there is nothing left to do. For the sake of success there is continuous measurement is necessary!

Sales Tracking Template

The original idea was that we will create a spectacular sales report with the following conditions: We examine in three chosen country (USA, UK, Germany), throughout three years (between 2014 and 2016) the sales of seven salesrep, particularly the net value and profit.

We have divided the screen for four parts and each and every part will provide useful information from a different point of view.

Product Metrics Dashboard

The creating techniques of a speedometer (or as more known: gauge) have been detailed in many articles.

The one we use on the product metrics dashboard you have to only know that you can set the color scale on the third worksheet very easily.

Excel Sales Tracker Template

As we have said in our very first article in the very beginning, one of the most important principles of dashboard making is that we always have to make a one page report.

We can even take this as standard.

The more the data is harder is the task of the developer, the biggest challenge is to keep the simplicity and clear arrangement.

Customer Service Dashboard

The data shown on the KPI Dashboard will be: calls, trends, customer satisfaction and a complex comparison. Between the two drop-down-lists the one on the left hand side enables us to compare two elements from the same category (product, administrator, region).

For further option with the right hand side drop-down-list we can make analysis about other indexes (calls, call durations, resolved calls). And the real hard task will be to put all this information on a one-page-dashboard.

We use a brand new tool for this (the Dashboard Designer Kit), and about it we will give detailed description in our next article, for now we only need to know of it that in the designing phase of the dashboard will be great help for us.

Get ready for this will be a really spectacular Excel challenge! Shortly we explain the building up of the model. Because the structure of the dashboard is not simple even for advanced users we will show in detail the planning phase also.

Pimp your Excel Dashboard Templates!

Usually in the first step there is an idea born than after planning follows the realization.

According to our experiences if we rate the time-span of the whole project as 100% than the time consumption of planning and realization can be estimated 50% – 50%.

How did we manage to make dashboard planning user friendly, you ask? With the built in drawing tool of excel (shape tools) we can draw by hand every single object used in the planning afterward we can save these as pictures, so you can freely copy and reinterpret it according to your current task.

Pimp your Dashboard

If our old school excel templates does not like we are back to square one.

Using our customization pack you can immediately add really special elements to your excel business templates and reports.

Enhance Dashboard UI

We will make a tool and with the help of this display in arbitrary position of the excel dashboard window the explanations needed for understanding.

With the help of these will quickly understand the meaning or the report (especially the indicators) even such person who has never seen even one Excel template.

Imagine that often occurring case that a new colleague arrives to the company and we might spend days in order for him to see through the procedures, reports, etc.

We can save a lot of time with business reports that are easily understandable at first glance.

Excel Gauge Widgets

Don’t panic, this speedometer is space saving!

We always have enough room to place it on the top left hand corner. Many times been proven that easily made things also can be very useful.

Are you interesting excel gauges? Visit Ultimate Dashboard Tools to create awesome kpi templates in minutes!

How to create HR or SEO dashboards?

HR Analytics dashboard Template

This topic can be a really good starting place if you thinking about making excel dashboard templates.

We can consider many interesting indicator in analyzing a company, we will show you some of these now.

In earlier HR articles we have talked about this subject, you can find further information about it here. HR Analytics Dashboard will help you to understand HR activities.

SEO Analytics Dashboard Template

We can make decisions based on the list of indicators on the chart that will influence the operation of the website.

Out of the indicators of the chart we underline the most important ones; we can best show the performance of the website by these.

Excel HR Dashboard Template

The excel hr dashboard template will compare the annual performance of co-workers listed in the first column in quarterly breakdown.

We’ll collate the planned and the actual index and we can use it on several fields (IT, marketing, etc.)

We tried to make this for universal usage and we’ve mentioned this before but this is not enough times said: we make all dashboards that will allow us to personalize it with minimal time input.

Additional Excel Dashboard Dashboards & Resources:

Excel KPI Dashboards – What is KPI?

Everything wants KPI!

The all-time classic! The business world for some time now is heading in that direction that we weigh everything that is possible. To quote a classic phrase: we weigh it, it gets better. So we got the idea for the key performance indicator from here. And how true is the before quoted sentence!

There can be mapped multiple departments and significant related business process within a company. These days we can apply 50-60 indicators at a moderate sized company. We would like to show everybody the world of performance measuring with the help of the articles of the KPI category.

The Excel KPI dashboards can be effective tools in reaching business goals. Was this enough reading for you?

Excel dashboard templates allow you to see trends and key performance indicators. It’s an awesome tool for creating visual reports. The goal of our website is to show you how to build better reports.

Human Resources KPI Scorecard

On the Excel template HR scorecard worksheet all the information can be found that we have built the dashboard with located in the beginning of the article.

Let’s go through the data on the picture!

In the KPI column displayed are the four base indicators, for each of them are usually assigned 3-4 subcategory and these will play an important role later!

Speedometer KPI Dashboard

The dashboard is only a tool. As the canvas is to the painter, or as the pen is to the writer.

Because we have purchased a canvas we are not going to paint great pictures. Or because we own a pen we are not going to write bestsellers.

And because we have a gauge chart tool that lets us create KPIs easily, we are not going to assemble dashboards useful to the management.

KPI Dashboard Widgets

What is dashboard widget?

We hear and talk a lot about it in our everyday work, but maybe many don’t know what this phrase exactly means.

Using it in an Excel environment we have to think of such accessories that weren’t made specifically with the help of Excel.

How to create Customer KPI  Dashboard?

A KPI (and customer kpi dashboard template) can have a goal which is the exact value that it should reach, and ranges for tracing purpose.

Ranges can be the percentage of goal or actual values.

Every value needs a starting and a finishing value.

KPI Tracking Template – Idea and realization

We have imagined at the beginning of the development phase that we will make a metro ui style dashboard and the essence of this will be that the whole dashboard will consist of more parts in unity with each other.

Each and every element (square, rectangle) will represent a key performance indicator. We will use an improved version of conditional formatting and we will use as help an add-in that we have developed strictly for this purpose.

Fortunately the add-in will be doing all the calculation tasks so you can pay attention only to the creation of the dashboard.

In our previous article we have introduced in detail the use of the add-in, so here we would only note that we have applied only a few smaller development / improvement for more comfortable use.

Additional Excel Dashboard Resources:

Project Management Dashboards

Coming soon…

What are Excel dashboard Templates?

Excel Dashboard is a data visualization tool that demonstrates the current status of metrics and key performance indicators. Dashboards consolidate and arrange numbers, metrics and sometimes KPI scorecards on a single screen.

Here are five features that can make a real-time excel dashboard templates effective:
• The one-page layout and clean design are necessary to check the summary status. A summary status that shows how details stand overall.
• Customizable, detailed and intuitive user friendly interface. We have to define clear characteristics of success measures. It’s a very important factor to catch your business goal.
• Ability to pull real-time data from several bases. Use the following data sources: databases, OLAP cubes, sheets, complex pivot tables.
• Logical structure behind the scene: It should point directly to the possible source of the issue.
• Displays actual data, forecast or key trends – key performance indicators

Free Excel Dashboard Templates

We know exactly that not everyone is born an Excel genius. Also we’ve not been that and don’t think we are. We’ve created the category so that everyone can easily learn the basics of dashboards.

We paid attention especially to those users who just getting acquainted with the topic of Excel dashboards and would like to get solid basis. Of course the simplicity will not affect quality. We have built up every single template that with relatively short time input capable to measure complex indicators.

If we would know the answer to this question there would be no worthwhile to operate this blog. It wouldn’t be fortunate to know everything in advance.

Mutual trades of the software and information technology that they change rapidly practically follow in real-time, but often pass by the also ever so changing users demands.

We can promise if you often visit our site guarantee you wouldn’t be missing the latest news and novelties.