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The project activity dashboard will show one of the most important field of the project management, the planning and scheduling of the resources from a completely new view.

Previously we have acquired the concept of issue tracking and Gantt chart and now this is the time to take another step to make more complex dashboards.

What does the phrase project activity dashboard mean?

We know that when we perform business tasks we use up resources, materials or tools needed for manufacturing and last but not least, human resources and project risks.

In this article we will pay attention to the synchronization of tasks / activities and human resources.

Scheduling is an important task and sometimes we don’t spend enough time with it, and this will ‘present’ us with 40%-50% additional charges at the end.

On the picture below and on the animation we have listed all important information.

On the ‘data’ worksheet you’ll find the well-known base table: name, activity, responsible person, start and end date.

Project Activity Dashboard anim

We’ll be able to handle the data of 15 business procedures and 15 participating persons all together.

Only one question remains, how will we jam this large amount of data on only one page with the help of the dashboard? Fortunately Excel provides us with multiple options for this!

Project Activity Dashboard – Activities

We can keep changing between the ‘Project’ and Human resources with the help of a switch, and now we’ll explain to you the main difference between them.

On the picture below the project view is active. To each project more tasks can be assigned to.

To summarize these we can see how many tasks are extruded in a given time period, thus we get a view of the peaks that can affect the whole business process.

So we have to note that this view summarizes the tasks in a given time period.

Project Activity Dashboard map

Human Resources

We have to know about the Hr view that arises from its name, it focuses on human resources.

As you can see we have switched view, so now in the list on the left hand side appears the names of the persons who participate in the execution of the tasks.

Project Activity Dashboard hr

Why can this be interesting and at the same time also important? We can establish the encumbrance of resources at once so we have the opportunity to completely reorganize certain tasks.

If 1-1 resources work too many subtasks in the same time and the project manager judge that as a risk than he or she can revise / alter / modify that.

Forms and Controls in Project Activity Dashboard

We have not yet talked about those Form Controls that really makes the dashboard interactive.

The first one is the Period Picker which task is to enable the switching between the daily, weekly and monthly views. If we would like to analyze the details then chose the daily break down, if we need a review / cumulative screen then we should use the monthly view.

A slider enables us to be able to handle even several months or even years of activity in a simple manner. By clicking on the arrow on the slider’s right side we can display future information, and by clicking on the arrow on its left side there will be past information displayed.

Heat map is a data visualization tool that displays business connections by the help of colors. In our current example we displayed the lower rate of charging by light colors. We used darker colors in the periods where the rate of charging is large.

The later can occur because of two things: either too many tasks are running in the same time or one participant is working on too many different tasks at the same time. This way is understandable why the project activity map is so important, is it?

Formulas and Tricks

We have used the IF(), INDIRECT() and OFFSET() functions to create the dashboard. Everyone knows the first one which is a comparably simple logic formula. The other two requires deeper Excel knowledge. We have it in our plans to introduce their use in a separate article.

We hope you have taken liking in study the connections of the project activity map elaborately. In the next weeks we are getting ready with more surprises, follow us on Facebook or other social media.

There’s nothing else to do than share with you the excel resource planner dashboard related to today’s presentation. Download it for free! See you next week!