Our project management dashboard analyzes procedures in the field of IT and software development.

There will be very interesting topics discussed because software development isn’t that we design a product and within two weeks we develop it without any arising issues.

There is no such thing!

We effectively support the work of the developers with the application of an Excel project dashboard. Also can be its further advantage that it is a continuous feedback for the management.

We should start with an interesting question.

What is a ticket?

A ticket is such a warning sign (not always necessary means a mistake!) that indicates we have to reconsider a particular activity or a procedure.

Imagine a software development studio where everyday activities are conducted. After a module is done it is carefully checked and tested. Nobody expects things to be perfect for the very first time.

project management dashboard anim

Ticket Tracking using Excel Project Management Dashboard

A ticket can have three statuses. Thew assigned means that we have recognized the mistake and forwarded to the development team for correction.

In the corrected phase we have corrected the mistake but it still needs testing.

The closed phase is the best for all developers. The fixing and testing was successful so the only thing to do is to close the support ticket.

We’ve created the Excel project management dashboard so that all important information can be reached immediately.

Forms of risks and their effects

Our task in making the excel dashboard is to inform IT managers about the current status of the software development.

Let’s say a few words now about the risks!

Software bugs can be categorized into the following groups:

Critical bugs can lead to a breakdown of the application or data loss. A workaround the problem is impossible.

High level bugs result in raise damaged functionality. A workaround won’t exist or is impossible.

Mid-level bugs result in non-critical problems of the system. A sufficient workaround exist.

As low identified bugs are of low or very low impairment. An acceptable workaround exist.

project management dashboard bug

In this paragraph we provide a possible solution for the display of mistake-signs current and past status with the help of data-visualization.

Project Management Dashboard Design – A closer look

And now we got to the part we love the most, the dashboard design! We have tried to plan the four charts so we get an insistent high quality and easily interpretable end result.

Let’s see the upper right corner!

This is a risk-status matrix. You can see the current status of risk factors / mistake signs and the corresponding risks. We portray the possible effects using the previously mentioned four categories.

project management dashboard upper right

How will our Excel project management dashboard be dynamic?

As you can see it on the picture we have portrayed the results of the 31st week.

For simplicity’s sake we have applied a one year period in the analysis.

With the help of a Scroll Bar (VBA control) we can jump from week to week in the table.

It is very important to note that this part of the dashboard shows WEEKLY information, the other three charts show cumulated values!

Software Bug Tracking

Let’s study closely the bottom right part! This also is a very interesting analysis. We can track the changes of support tickets’ status.

These are cumulated values on the chart we show the changes between the 14th and 31st weeks.

If we look at the results of around 20th and 22nd weeks we can see the “assigned” and “corrected” type of support tickets were dominating.

But by the end of the 31st week the closed support tickets were in domination.

project management dashboard bottom right

Risk Tracking – The Software Bug Life Cycle

Let’s see the percentage breakdown also!

We have disclosed the four risk categories.

But we haven’t talked about the most important thing yet.

We also have to analyze the status changes of the support tickets!

The usual way is that if we find a mistake in the development then we assign that to the developers / testers, and after successful testing we close it.

project management dashboard 3

With the help of the Excel project management dashboard these little but essential information can be also tracked and followed.

The fourth chart is almost completely just like the previous one.

There is only one important difference, here the quantity of the support tickets are indicated.

This also changes dynamically if we move the Scroll Bar.

project management dashboard 4


Software development is a complex task we had anticipated today’s article as a teaser. We hope some of these novelties grabbed your attention and you will start creating a self-planned excel dashboard template!

There is only one advice for you worth considering.

A lot of times it is enough to think our dashboard planning through before we would get to implementation right away.

Walk slowly, live longer – this is true also to Excel.

We hope you agree that this Excel project management dashboard was an elegant solution for software bug tracking.

We are glad if you have any further inspiration and you share it with us. Thank you for being with us today, expect you next week for the usual continuation! Download the free template!