project timeline dashboard

With the help of the project timeline dashboard we will give you a tool which will make the project tasks administration very easy. In today’s story we will review this subject in detail.

In developing the Excel template we used such visualization representation that adrift from custom. We would like to give you something useful, it is our hope that we can be successful again.

The milestone is an event that marks the overall end of a main process or processes related to each other.

The milestone by its definition not related to duration and doesn’t require effort, doesn’t connect to work.

Actually in the work plan it acts as a control flag that shows that some other job has been done.

Milestone is used as a control point of a project, used to approve advancement of the project and confirmation of the remaining work again.

For the management they use it as a snapshot for the approval of project improvement.

It is important to note that a lot of times reaching a milestone requires decision making.

project timeline dashboard

Project Timeline Template – Project Tracking

We placed two variables on the dynamic timeline dashboard. At the left top side you can set the number of excel timeline element you want to display. If this parameter is set for 1, than we can trace the project form the very beginning, if the value is 5 than we see the project from the fifth step and so on.

On the right top corner we can set how many tasks we can see at one time on the dashboard. On this picture we have maximized for 13 the number of tasks can be seen on the project timeline template.

You decide what is most appropriate for the given task, project or process.

In the middle we presented a time period, its starting point is the beginning day of the first appearing task; its closing point is the execution day of the last appearing task.

project timeline dashboard

Project Timeline Dashboard – Milestone Plan

It’s worth to pay attention to the following rules when creating a milestone plan:

  • We should compose a maximum of 12-25 milestones; of course the most important factor is the size of the project.
  • The chosen milestones should cover the whole lifecycle of the project.
  • The planned time period between the realizations of the given milestones should be about the same.
  • While planning we should pay attention that it should be explicit, plain and simple.
  • Lastly but not least, results / achievements of the milestones should characterize the nature of the project as far as possible.

Excel Timeline Template – What’s next?

According to feedbacks you would like to see more project management dashboards in the near future. Considering this you can count on more and more tools of the similar kind from us being published here on this blog soon.

We are welcome your comments like always! Visit our dashboard page! Let’s meet next week, in the meantime have a good time practicing, everyone! In the meantime get to know this great little project template, that you can download clicking on this link.