Sales KPI Dashboard

sales kpi dashboard - 014

Sales kpi dashboard

Welcome to the excel kpi dashboard area! Our excel sales kpi dashboard is divided into five parts by products.

It will be easy to compare the main indicators.

To measuring performance and creating sales dashboard in Excel is a simple procedure, we’ll apply the good old offset function and conditional formatting. Our powerful excel sales kpi dashboard allows user to select the dimension of data and shows sales efficiency right away. This dynamic template let us check sales by consumer type or location and examine values with averages too.

The offset helps to determine the ranking and grouping as soon as possible and with help of formatting we can analyze the high and low differences.

sales kpi dashboard - 014

The most used excel sales KPI dashboards inform the sales team and management which products are selling well.

We should rank the highest and poorest performing products to determine which products are failing to boom with your customers.

The three units of our excel dashboard:

KPI is the main Excel worksheet; we summarize and visualize the results here. Now go to the data sheet, here are the main data.

On the calculation sheet can be found the calculation area.

Use the following link to download this sales kpi dashboard!

Update: here is the updated version link for Falisha McGee. Thank you for visiting our YouTube channel.