Social Media Report

We have many of possibilities to actualize a social media report. We can apply old stile solutions but we can come up with something completely new that you have never seen before. We have chosen the latter one; it is worthwhile for you to do the same if you want to dazzle the audience or the bosses.

Allow us a little Excel related detour, so please don’t skip over it. One of the news media blog has asked the currently best Excel professionals what they think about the relationship between BI and Excel.

That’s a fact that web based solutions are on the rise and the newest business intelligence tools of Microsoft Excel (Power BI, Power Query) get more and more emphasis. Then again all professionals harmoniously stated that Excel will be our ‘direct colleague’ in the everyday work.

We would like to note here that the Excel business intelligence subject will not evade our blog. You will already see it this year, because with the help of the previously listed tools data-visualization and analysis reached a new level. Now let’s return to social media report.

Social Media Report – Mobile UI

We have thought a lot when making today’s article how can we spice up, make unique an analyzation that on its own not very exciting. That’s an urban legend that every good dashboard can be made after 5 minutes of thinking. We have prepared a lot for this presentation, follow it attentively, it will worth the while!

We have chosen a mobile phone user interface to portray 12 such values that belong to each major social media. These are the following: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Vimeo, Instagramm, Digg, Google+, YouTube, Linkedin and the good old RSS.


These twelve channels covers best the social media in the present days.

If you have time and patience, change the social media icons as you will.

Some trickery with the vector graphics and the new template is already done.

To portray the phone we have used vector graphics, these are in large some available for free and many of times apt to use to make a dashboard template without any alteration.

The Excel infographics is a new chapter in the history of Excel.

With a little creativity you can make very unique kpi dashboards relating to key performance indicators in a short time.

The calculations and colors correspondent values are traced out by our usual algorithm.

After defining the twelve freely chosen values for the portrayal we will use color scales.

In function of values icons belonging to the different social media will appear in different colors.


You can keep changing between the three gradient color scales with marking the 1-1 radio button. It will turn out on the ‘calc’ worksheet that if you are not satisfied with the default colors than you can change them at will.

Excel Dashboard – Let’s analyze the code!

We didn’t do it before but now this is the time for us to allow the free usage of this code snippet. This will provide the base of all the completed Excel maps. We will use it many of times in connection with data-visualization tasks.

Look at excel social media report closely! Every little vector has a unique name and builds up as follows: SS_’objectname’. In place of ‘objectname’ you can write in anything you want in the future. Managing shapes using conditional formatting and VBA is not an easy task.

A separate Excel worksheet contains the code. You will find this also at downloads next to the current dashboard. We have supplemented it with some notes to make its usage the easiest possible.

The workbook containing the code necessary for development and individual work can be found here. Thank you for being with us today, we waiting for your reflections and comments. See you next time!

Finally let’s see the bottom line: the social media report dashboard template can be downloaded here.