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Customer Service Dashboard

customer service dashboard 2016
Customer Service Dashboard Template is our latest business template. Customer service is such a business field where decisions has to be made continuously day by day for achieving the best possible re results. Previously we have touched this subject and today we will show through a complex example the making of a potential Customer Service Dashboard Template. We’ll show the process in one larger article as well as how we can process the large volume of data generated by the operation of a call center with maximal efficiency. We analyze about the two chosen products the durations of calls in a given time period.

Excel Dashboard Tutorial – OFFSET formula

excel dashboard tutorial for beginners
Excel Dashboard Tutorial - Excel Dashboard Templates are very popular and we have made many tutorials regarding these. You can read all about them here! The OFFSET formula is really unique. We can use it in such situations where we only want to display parts of a large data table. From the list containing all states of the US we will only portray five states. With the help of a slider (we’ll talk about it later in details) we’ll create a scrolling-list. Why is this good? What are the excel dashboard rules?

Project Status Dashboard

Today’s featured article explains how to create a useful excel dashboard template. We have combined the flexibility of KPI traffic light indicators with the power of project status dashboard. We can use also traffic lights to visualize the popularity of products further to measure the project status. Take a closer look at the Excel template. The List column contains the name of the task list. The Start column is filled. The next column name Start, it can be used to set the sub project's start date.

Customer Analytics

customer analytics newfeat
As you can see at first glance on the picture we’ve chosen an unusual arrangements and design, we have tried to use the opportunities provided by infographics which is wildly used these days. The customer analytics dashboard is nothing else than a statement of customer habits from a relatively large excel data source. Today’s article is an experiment on our part and its goal is to show a completely different dashboard from the already seen analyses. Another important standpoint is the well-chosen design. For example one that is different in its font can better the overall image. Check our free excel dashboard templates!

Dual Gauge Template

dual gauge template gfx
The development of the dual gauge template is done! And exciting Excel story starts today, with the help of the dual gauge template never before seen dashboards awaits for you! And why are we so happy? You will soon find out! Stay with us today, we show you a real novelty. After the well-known Excel charts and dull dashboards we have experimented with something completely new. The development phase is over and we happily share with you our experience.

Sales Tracking Template

sales tracking template featured
Our sales tracking template series continues! Today we will show you step by step how to create an advanced sales tracking template. Stay with us, if you follow the blog we will share a lot of interesting information with you.The original idea was that we'll create a sales report with the following conditions: We examine in three chosen country throughout three years the sales of seven salesrep, particularly the net value and profit. We have spent a lot of time with planning; fortunately the previously introduced Dashboard Designer Kit has helped us that contain predetermined interface elements. We have used this when we created the template below.

Dashboard Developer Tools

dashboard developer tools
Hi there! Dashboard Developer Tools has been released! We have created many excel dashboards together in the past years. There is one thing we haven’t had time to talk about yet until today. And this is professional planning! A dashboard obtains its final form in Excel but before we get here we have many of things to do. The planning phase is inevitable and inseparable part of making a complex template. Today we’d like to show you a tool with which you can cut down dramatically the time consumption of the hardest and most annoying process (making of the planned model of the excel dashboard).

Product Metrics Dashboard

product metrics dashboard template
Product Metrics Dashboard - It is a basic requirement in making a Product Metrics Dashboard that is should support important business decisions. You want to reach spectacular result under short period of time while using Excel Dashboard? Then this is the place for you! After some simple steps you can make a report like this too. We have talked many times about the key performance indicator’s definition but it is always good to revise a subject many times. If you are further interested in the subject, then you can find more information here.

HR Analytics Dashboard

hr analytics dashboard 2016 update
It is not a customary task to plan and develop a HR Analytics Dashboard. It is time for us to show you how to build very quickly a custom HR Analytics Dashboard. It is very useful for an HR leader so much so that it is rather an expectation to keep an eye on the human resources of the company. We will examine six organizational departments. These are the following: Accounting, Administration, Customer Support, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, R&D, Sales. These departments can be found in all major corporations.

SEO Analytics Dashboard

seo analytics dashboard one
SEO Analytics Dashboard - What is the SEO Analytics Dashboard mean and what can we use it for? The owner of each and every website feels that it is important to get a real picture of the operation of the site in the form of different indicators. We can make decisions based on the list of indicators on the chart that will influence the operation of the website. Out of the indicators of the chart we underline the most important ones; we can best characterize the performance of the website by these.

Infographic Dashboard Design

infographic dashboard design free template
Infographic Dashboard Design - Visualization. Excel Infographics, we broaden the supply of the site with brand new subjects, hopefully for the joy of many of you. A new chapter begins, because the world is changing faster than ever, the visualization of data became a task most important. This is the time when the content finally is not made up only of text and numbers but contains many spectacular graphics elements. Infographic Dashboard Design – How to create it? If you use our templates your co-workers, bosses and friends will analyze the graphically displayed content with pleasure. These dashboards not only fit well to campaigns of a company but they are useful for presentation purposes also.

Human Resources KPI Scorecard

human resource kpi scorecard excel
In this lesson will be about how to create a Human Resources KPI Scorecard using typical hr kpi metrics and Excel gauges. We picked four essential group of KPI in area of Human Resources: Employee turnover, Recruiting, Retention finally Training and Development. Let’s take a look at the figure below! We created a speedometer section to display eye-cathing dashboard visualization for the main KPIs. We created a massive dashboard, check the formulas to see how it work! Choose your KPI so you will see the value of sub KPIs. Our Human Resources KPI Scorecard is free as always!

Rolling 6 Months Dashboard

Rolling 6 Months Dashboard feat
Rolling 6 Months Dashboard template with clear and flexible design can be a perfect solution for you if you want to display huge amount of data from various sources. In this tutorial we will show you something different from either: how to create a highly interactive dashboard that shows the rolling 6 months on a dynamic dashboard.

Speedometer KPI Dashboard

speedometer kpi dashboard xlsx
The speedometer kpi dashboard offers a spectacular visualization to present sales performance of representatives. The created speedometer kpi dashboard could be a useful instrument for other (not only for marketing/sales) fields also for visualization between the goal and actual values. With a little modification it is able to show not only the 0-100% range but to display other arbitrary values on the speedometer kpi dashboard.

KPI Cube Dashboard

kpi cube dashboard excel1
Kpi Cube Dashboard in Excel? We are crazy but in our opinion it’s not impossible to visualize more KPIs on one cube chart. Would you like to see a magic kpi dashboard trick? Aside of joking, we mapped a cube using VBA. Have you got a minute? Let's look into how we built this kpi dashboard! We will use excel shapes as a way of identifying and organizing visual information like key performance indicators.