Dashboard Developer Tools

Hi there! Dashboard Developer Tools has been released! We have created many excel dashboard templates together in the past years. There is one thing we haven’t had time to talk about yet until today. And this is professional planning!

A dashboard obtains its final form in Excel but before we get here we have many of things to do. The planning phase is inevitable and inseparable part of making a complex customer service template.

Today we’d like to show you a tool with which you can cut down dramatically the time consumption of the hardest and most annoying process (making of the planned model of the excel dashboard).

It will take a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes to create the mockup of a dashboard’s visualization. This is a very big improvement! Next we will give you a short summary of the used graphic tools by category.

Dashboard Developer Tools – Charts

On the picture below we only show a fragment of the type of charts we have made the mockups of. We have modelled every type of chart that is supported by Excel and it would take a really long time to list all of them, so we have highlighted / underlined the most important ones.


Our collection of charts contains also the Excel 2016 Treemap chart.

Because of the length of the article we can’t possibly show all the novelty but as usual a downloadable template will wait for you at the bottom of the page.

Dashboard Developer Tools – Form Controls

The phase Form Controls contains those controls by which a static dashboard becomes dynamical.

Label is a text field where we can put descriptions and short instructions for the user can quickly and clearly see how things work.

With the help of the Group Box square we can switch very easily between groups, names and lists.

The name of the Button itself is talkative: if the user intervenes, namely pushes the button, a short task or even a VBA macro will start up.

With the use of the Check Box we can apply multiple selections so practically we can give complex conditions.


A Scroll Bar is an object used very often, we especially like it. We can change values with it in a range between starting and closing intervals.

Dashboard Developer Tools – KPI Mockups

And we got to our favorite subject! The KPI Dashboard is a very popular excel template, fortunately is being used more and more / more widely for many interesting trend can be discovered or analysis can be made by its help.


We can’t leave out the Gauge from our collection!

Also can’t forget the traffic lights style dashboard visualization, with the help of them there was many templates made.

This excel template waits only for you, download it from here!