Gauge Chart Add-in

Gauge chart add-in

The Gauge Chart Add-in is a powerful tool for creating advanced Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards in Excel.

To create stunning Excel Dashboard Templates you can easily use our free data visualization toool. The add-in enables users to create visually appealing dashboards quickly and efficiently.

Free Excel Map Templates


The tutorial provides a detailed guide on creating state map dashboard templates in Excel to visualize data. You can use geographical Excel maps as a multi-purpose analysis tool. The main dashboard template is divided into four parts: preparing shapes in Excel, creating data tables and textboxes, building a legend and defining color scales, and writing short VBA code.

The legend and color scale setup involves using statistical formulas to divide a range into groups for detailed visualization and using the PERCENTILE function to create categories.

We provide code snippets for customizing the maps, assigning colors to shapes, and refreshing maps based on data changes.

Product Metrics Dashboard Template


Learn how to create a Product Metrics Dashboard Template in Excel to track and monitor sales performance over different years, by region, and by sales representative. Take a closer look at the main metrics, like Net Sales and Profit, which aid decision-making. The template introduces form controls for analyzing large data sets, including drop-down lists allowing filtering data to display only the selected group.

Next, the dashboard ensures that all charts will automatically updated based on Year, Country, and SalesRep selections. A product-level breakdown compares Net Sales and Profit using column and dotted line charts for visualization.

Furthermore, a combo chart provides a country-level resolution, visualizing sales performance differences between countries.

Traffic Light Dashboard Template


Using an Excel Traffic Light Dashboard Template can track your sales or project activity quickly and supports KPIs using stoplight indicators.

Sales Tracking Templates

sales tracking templates

Use a Sales Tracking Dashboard Template to learn more about performance tracking in Excel. The following library contains useful examples, reports, charts, and maps. With its help, it is easy to set and track your key performance indicators and show them on a dashboard.

Profit and Loss Dashboard Template

profit and loss dashboard template excel

The Profit and Loss Statement Template is a great option for leaving boring reports behind. It is time to create a new type of visualization using a rotated Waterfall chart and sparklines. The spreadsheet supports the most common financial metrics and shows the result using a grid layout.

Tracking the main key performance indicators is not rocket science. You need to insert sparklines to show trends. You can highlight the highest and lowest months in the entire period using the built-in chart tool. To drill the data down, we are using a rotated waterfall chart. You can track the changes from the Total Net Revenue to the Net Earnings. We use conditional formatting and a drop-down list to make the dashboard template user-friendly.

HR KPI Dashboard Template

HR KPI Dashboard Template Excel

Discover our latest Human Resource KPI Dashboard Template! We built the spreadsheet in two versions: dark and light user interface. Using the template, you can track the most important key performance indicators in the HR department. Sometimes we should work on a small space; using cards combined with a modern grid layout is a good decision.

To track the performance month by month, we use conditionally formatted labels that clearly show the positive or negative changes regarding the selected KPI. To create a progress circle chart, combine two donut charts.

As usual, the template provides dynamic selection options through a drop-down list. If you want to take a closer look at the infographic-style dashboard, read the tutorial or download the free spreadsheets.

Financial Dashboard Template

financial excel dashboard template

Discover our financial dashboard template! The spreadsheet will produce a one-page dynamic dashboard with a ribbon navigation control to switch between Worksheets easily. The template shows a month-by-month result using cards with growth comparisons. We show the trends using sparklines and apply a rotated waterfall chart to visualize the monthly profit and loss statement. The dashboard template supports a grid layout to show the main metrics and variance using a small space.

If you are using sparklines, you can highlight the lowest and highest data points without conditional formatting. The dashboard uses three core parts (metrics and groups): efficiency, liquidity, and profitability. The drop-down list ensures a dynamic view, and the template combines traditional financial information reports with charts of financial measures.

Free Dashboard Widgets

free dashboard widget templates for Excel

Excel dashboard widgets are valuable for several reasons. They make the dashboard more visually engaging. A well-designed gauge or score meter can draw attention to key metrics and make the data more accessible and interesting to users. A small widget provides a quick visual summary of data and allows users to measure whether performance is in a ‘good’, ‘average’, or ‘bad’ range. A well-designed widget is key for communicating performance against a target. Users can see how close the current value is to a goal or limit, making it easier to understand where attention is needed.

Interactive dashboards allow users to engage with the data, such as drilling down for more details. In summary, widgets and charts enhance data presentation and lead to more effective decision-making processes. You can download all demonstrated dashboard templates for free.

Dashboard Design

dashboard design excel

This article will explain how to build a well-designed Excel Dashboard template to show main activities and significant key performance indicators. This tutorial will explain using shape-based mockups to design a report layout. A well-designed prototype demonstrates the final wireframe for the given organization unit. Another advantage of a good dashboard design is that the activity can save time and cost for the company.

In Excel, we have various tools to build effective dashboard designs. You can use grouped shapes to create charts or table mockups. Furthermore, building and displaying form controls to show the drill-down options is worth using. Please take a closer look at our templates!

Social Media Dashboard Template

social media dashboard 2022-05

Download the free Social Media Dashboard Template! Youtube provides in-depth analytics on its native platforms. But again, many users need more details in Excel to analyze data using an easier way. It’s important to understand how all of these metrics work. It’s important to look at all your data in a single location.

Our report lets you stay on top of social media analytics from all your favorite channels. Just replace your initial data, and you can create various reports for Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook analytics. Boost your productivity using ready-to-use solutions.

HR Analytics Dashboard

HR Analytics Dashboard 2021q4 revised

It is important to keep an eye on the HR resources of the company. In this article, we will show you how to use various methods to build a human resource dashboard. Furthermore, you can find and download two free ready-to-use templates. The first template provides a quick overview of six organizational departments. These are the following: Accounting, Administration, Customer Support, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, R&D, and Sales. Our goal is to track and display the most used HR key performance indicators: Total Salary, Total Bonus, Total Overtime, and Total Sick Days. Using the REPT function, we will build a custom people graph instead of using charts.

The second template uses a drop-down list and the linked picture method in Excel. We split the spreadsheet into two sections. The first part contains the drop-down list and the main data set. The second part shows a plan versus actual performance comparison based on the selection. We use multiple line charts to create a dynamic template.

Dashboard Best Practices

dashboard best practices

This quick guide will explain the best practices when working on a dashboard. To create an effective template, you should know the fundamentals. From the ground up, the first task is to plan how many indicators you want to use. After that, you have to pick the right chart that are fit the requirements. At this point, you need to clean up your data set. When it’s done, it is time to create a wireframe and pick the data sources since we need to feed the dashboard.

We have the final structure; it is time to implement your charts and widgets. An Excel Dashboard Template is a multipurpose tool: it should be simple and attention-grabbing. Finally, take a closer look at the compatibility. The spreadsheet has to work on different Microsoft Excel versions. So, read more and try to use the best practices to create a template.

Dashboard Example

create kpi dashboard in excel

The following dashboard example is a step-by-step tutorial. We will build a sales dashboard template in Excel that uses various tools, like conditional formatting and form controls. Furthermore, the sales spreadsheet provides sorting options and illustrates managing a large data set using a small space. It is a real challenge for all Excel users. Building a dynamic dashboard template is not rocket science.

Apply a custom formula based on the OFFSET and CHOOSE functions to retrieve the given position of the actual value. Then link the cell value to a vertical or horizontal slider. Under the hood, we will show you how to connect a simple macro to a picture. Using this method, you can dramatically improve your dashboard usability. As usual, you can download the template for free at the end of the article.

Dashboard Form Controls

dashboard form controls

The following project dashboard template will show you how to build a dashboard using Excel form controls to manage a project. Our goal is to keep the information on a one-page dashboard. We use radio buttons to switch the view between Projects and Human Resources. Sliders play an important role if you want to show a larger period.

Insert a list box to switch the view between different periods, like day, month, and week. Conditional formatting enables you to create a heatmap-style visualization using different colors.

Customer Service Dashboard

customer service dashboard overview

Customer service is a marketing field where we have to make quick decisions so we can intervene on time. Analyze your call center performance and trends using Customer Service Template!
First, we are using a drill-down method; you can transform your data into a custom view. It’s easy to display your custom query from overall branch performance to products and client categories. A further standpoint is to show the classified data in an easily understandable format.

We aim to improve the overall call center performance and take a snapshot of the plan vs. actual ratio for future improvements. We’ll track and measure the following metrics: Calls, Resolved Calls, and Customer Satisfaction.

For the sake of interest, we note that the free template can process a huge data set. In the report, there are data for more than 8000 outgoing calls!

Dashboard UX Template

dashboard ux template

In this example, we’ll show you how to improve user experience using a dashboard UX template. The tutorial will show you how to create interactive screen tips in a few minutes. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to assign a VBA macro to a shape button and create interactive tips for your templates and reports.

Use the latest Microsoft 365 functions and apply icons to create impressive visualization. Make a clickable question mark icon to show or hide the contextual help easily. This feature can dramatically improve the user experience. Finally, in the last section, we’ll show you the best practices for managing large data sets and tables. Download our free dashboard template and check how to provide better support for users!

SEO Analytics Dashboard


SEO Analytics Dashboard Template – The aim of a good audit tool is telling a website owner whether their site meets the expectations of modern search engines. In other words, the main question is: Do we own a search engine friendly website?

The free template providing the owners with insights on how their website actually performs. What is SEO Analytics and how can we use it? Every website owner must (or at least should) rely on performance indicators when making decisions that help their site growing. The below table contains these indicators.

You can find the most important ones highlighted. These are the ones that provide us with the best insight on a site’s performance. The real challenge is transforming this data into easily comprehensible visuals.

Call Center Performance Template

call center template

Learn how to create a one-page template for tracking the actual status of key metrics. Furthermore, we will show you how to design a user friendly contextual help system using a VBA macro.

Before we start, we’ll introduce you the most used indicators in our detailed guide. Using these metrics, you can track and trace the overall service performance easily. In this lesson you will learn how to create and configure spin button in Excel and create a dynamic reoprts.

You can analyze weekly data by using the spin button to change periods. Our objective is to reduce the time to answer and abandon rate and increase the first call resolution.

Customer Analytics

customer analytics amp image

As you can see at first glance on the picture we’ve chosen an unusual arrangements and design, we have tried to use the opportunities provided by infographics which is wildly used these days. The customer analytics template is nothing else than a statement of customer habits from a relatively large excel data source.

Today’s article is an experiment on our part and its goal is to show a completely different free template from the already seen analyses. Another important standpoint is the well-chosen design. For example one that is different in its font can better the overall image. Check our free templates!

Healthcare KPI Dashboard

healthcare kpi dashboard initial view

If you want to create an Excel dashboard using infographics, take a deep into our template! Today’s lesson will be about a custom business spreadsheet. Dynamic HR report is a part of our free excel template collection. This performance report is our first attempt to develop automated spreadsheet using male and female infographics parts.

We hope you will find this solution useful! Our goal is tracking and analyzing the most important healthcare quality information of human body. We’ll use an exclusive visual design and style which helps you to tracking the the overall performance.

Dynamic VBA Dashboard

dynamic vba dashboard feat

In this free example we will use sales data to create a scrolling chart using a simple macro.

Sales Dashboard


This tutorial will show you how to create a dynamic sales template in Excel. The dashboards use the OFFSET formula to create scrolling lists. This feature allows users to display a subset of a larger data table, such as displaying only five states.

The dashboard fits on a single page for simplicity and ease of use. We apply a slider (built-in form control) to scroll through data, saving space and focusing on essential data points; this benefits managers who need to grab information quickly. Colored markers indicate performance relative to expected achievements.

Product Metrics Dashboard

product metrics dashboard amp

How to create a dynamic product metrics template? It’s a crucial criteria in designing an Excel report that is should support valuable business decisions.
The interactive window on the right hand site is the most valuable part of the product metrics dashboard. For the chosen product we display the most important indicators on an interactive chart. We visualize the results for the marketing related to 15 different products.

Furthermore, we display trends and graphical elements so the report will be smarter. Sparklines is one of Excel’s most popular charts. It is excellent for displaying trends! For further details click here. We use the gauge chart here for the first time. We’ll learn a lot about that later!

Rolling 6 months Dashboard


Dynamic charts are core elements of dashboards. In this tutorial, you will get great tips to build a timeline based data visualization. We have said many times that the best dashboards in Excel based on form controls. We love this topic because, in most cases, we have to transform large data sets into a small dashboard screen. At first glance, it is not an easy task.

Today’s goal is to create an interactive dashboard to track the key metrics. As first, place the initial data set. Above all, go to the Developer tab. Insert a blank list box. Fill the list box: right click on the control! Add the input range and the cell link. In the example, the input is the range that contains names.

Insert a column chart! Column charts are used to compare values across categories. Add a line chart. Under the trend options, choose the moving average. Finally, use two periods moving average.