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Free templates! We would love to share more of our free spreadsheets! You are in the right place at the right time if you need a fresh idea creating stunning data visualizations. Who will use the dashboards and free templates? A CEO, a business analyst, contributor or maybe the shareholders of the company? It counts, it is not all the same! Information always has to be convey in an understandable, clear manner. Furthermore we should keep it in mind that each colleague might have a different appetite for information. The boss might just looks at the 10 most important KPIs and makes a decision. A business analyst is responsible to seek out the reason for positive or negative differences. He or she needs a completely different set of tables and data! Are you absolutely certain that you have to create the dashboard? How special the problem is that you have to solve? If the task is simple than you can choose courageously from the downloadable templates. If it is complex we recommend our commercial products.

kpi dashboard widget featured_1

KPI Dashboard Widgets

Free KPI Dashboard Widget Template are a new widget kit package for you in order to enhance visual quality of your personal excel template. We will present you how to create a thermometer widget in Excel. A thermometer graph indicates you the level of a target has been reached. The Dial Widget is a simple but smart chart template, it can be very efficient if you calculate a actual / plan (actual / target) status in percentage. We’ll use three cells. If you need more support, be sure to get in touch with us.
ultimate dashboard tools rocket3

Ultimate Dashboard Tools

The Ultimate Dashboard Tools is a professional dashboard and chart add-in. At the very beginning (in 2013) we „only” had one Gauge Maker and some simpler tool in our hands. Since then the UDT has grown into a powerful Excel add-in. We have paid great attention to building in automated Excel charts and we hope you will like the new stuff!
Excel Traffic Light Dashboard template

Excel Traffic Light Dashboard

We have good news for the Excel community! No more traffic jams if you use our free templatesl! Just work or learn using our fully editable and free (as always) Excel Traffic light template. Setting up your business goals is a primary element of deciding on the business that's most suitable for you. Using these key performance indicators you can measure business or employee performance.
customer service dashboard 2016

Customer Service Dashboard

Previously we have touched this subject and today we will show through a complex example the creating of a potential Customer Service Template. We’ll show the process in one larger article as well as how we can process the large volume of data generated by the operation of a call center with maximal efficiency. Check the free template!
interactive excel dashboard templates

Sales Activity Template

Using interactive sales activity template we will create a good looking sales presentation. The sales activity and its visualization is a particularly rewarding subject! You can find several excel templates on the website if you’re serious interested about this field. In today’s tutorial we’ll show you how to create a complex Excel presentation.
excel dashboard tutorial for beginners

Scrolling Dashboard Tutorial

Scrolling Dashboard Tutorial - Free Templates are very popular and we have made many tutorials regarding these. You can read all about them here! The OFFSET formula is really unique. We can use it in such situations where we only want to display parts of a large data table. From the list containing all states of the US we will only portray five states. With the help of a slider (we’ll talk about it later in details) we’ll create a scrolling-list. Why is this good? What are the excel dashboard rules? Check our free templates!
create sales dashboard asap

Create Sales Dashboard

How to create sales dashboard? Today’s excel template is part of a Excel Dashboard Templates. We showing you how to make a great looking sales dashboard ground up using Excel.Let’s start with a well known and loved subject by all, analysis of sales information and facts. When creating this executive dashboard we endeavored that it will be no trouble for even beginners to understand the operation of it.We hopeful that after reading this excel tutorial you will handle it easily, whether you use it for work or study.
kpi tracking template free

KPI Tracking Template

Our KPI Tracking Template provides total freedom for everyone who is using or analyzing key performance indicators. Please allow me a little detour before we go on to our article of the day. We have published many of templates in the past years and parallel to this we have endeavored to provide more and more useful information and tools for our increasing visitors on our site. We would like to surprise you with a little present! Lately we have received more and more questions regarding the key performance indicators subject.
customer analytics newfeat

Customer Analytics

As you can see at first glance on the picture we’ve chosen an unusual arrangements and design, we have tried to use the opportunities provided by infographics which is wildly used these days. The customer analytics dashboard is nothing else than a statement of customer habits from a relatively large excel data source. Today’s article is an experiment on our part and its goal is to show a completely different free dashboard template from the already seen analyses. Another important standpoint is the well-chosen design. For example one that is different in its font can better the overall image. Check our free templates!
gauge maker pro final update

Gauge Maker Pro KPI Dashboard Add-In

The Gauge Maker Pro that we have made is a special Excel add-in that elevates KPI dashboard making to a new level especially for top managements and analysts but can be useful also for developers. If you have just started creating dashboards and don’t know where to begin then this app is for you. Don’t worry we’ll help you every step of the way! The Gauge Maker Pro add-in works together with Excel simply and without any trouble. Instead of long hours before, now it is only a matter of minutes to create a manager dashboard or report. We know that Excel has many types of charts, although the speedometer usage wasn’t really supported before.
sales tracking template featured

Sales Tracking Template

Our sales tracking template series continues! Today we will show you step by step how to create an advanced sales tracking template. Stay with us, if you follow the blog we will share a lot of interesting information with you.The original idea was that we'll create a sales report with the following conditions: We examine in three chosen country throughout three years the sales of seven salesrep, particularly the net value and profit. We have spent a lot of time with planning; fortunately the previously introduced Dashboard Designer Kit has helped us that contain predetermined interface elements. We have used this when we created the template below.
enhance dashboard ui vector

Enhance Dashboard UI

Enhance Dashboard UI – How to boost user experience using interactive excel VBA help system? How to enhance dashboard visualization? How to create great looking excel dashboard templates? We are looking for a solution for another business issue that can interest many Excel users, dashboard designers or managers. Let’s start with that unfortunate case when we work on an Excel dashboard for days, maybe weeks, we believe to rescue the world and at the end there is something just not right. It’s nice and good, we might calmly relax, but there is such a great volume of data on it that the outside observer (who is our boss in most cases!) will not find his way on it.