Built from the ground up, ExcelDashboardSchool.com offers creative Excel add-ins designed by a team of professionals. Furthermore, we provide in-depth tutorials and how-to videos.

Our journey with data visualization began in 2012. We quickly took our passion to a new level. In 2013, we launched our first free add-in for Excel and began working with developers and designers who shared his passion. Visual languages enable us to communicate efficiently and universally.

We firmly believe in the power of data visualization. Spending time and energy on developing Excel software is no easy task, but our desire to see users make the most out of their projects motivates us to exceed our previous attempts.

Okay, what’s next? We are working on cool projects like excelkid.com.

Our company name has been changed to Visual Analytics Ltd.

Istvan VOZAR
CEO & Founder
Visual Analytics Ltd.