Excel Dashboard Templates

Excel Dashboard Templates

Excel dashboard templates will show you, how to build from a clean white spreadsheet to a totally efficient report. You are in the right place at the right time if you need a fresh idea creating stunning data visualizations. All the resources listed on this page are yours for FREE!

Our free tutorial programs and excel dashboard templates focus on excel newbies and advanced users for the world. We hope you find our site and solutions useful and learn something new. Finally thanks for your interest in our free excel dashboard templates and projects! You can also browse all free excel dashboard examples and visit our YouTube channel. If you need further information, feel free to contact us!

Excel dashboard templates allow you to see trends and key performance indicators. It’s an awesome tool for creating visual reports. The goal of our website is to show you how to build better reports.

What are Excel dashboard Templates?

Dashboard is a data visualization tool that demonstrates the current status of metrics and key performance indicators. Dashboards consolidate and arrange numbers, metrics and sometimes KPI scorecards on a single screen.

Excel dashboard templates – Fundamentals

Here are five features that can make a real-time excel dashboard effective:
• The one-page layout and clean design are necessary to check the summary status. A summary status that shows how details stand overall.
• Customizable, detailed and intuitive user friendly interface. We have to define clear characteristics of success measures. It’s a very important factor to catch your business goal.
• Ability to pull real-time data from several bases. Use the following data sources: databases, OLAP cubes, sheets, complex pivot tables.
• Logical structure behind the scene: The dashboard should point directly to the possible source of the issue.
• Displays actual data, forecast or key trends – key performance indicators

Excel Dashboard Templates – Project Management

We have created the Project Management category because we have seen the huge absence in this field. We have searched for and found models surfing the internet but we felt we can still make improvements to provide aids to satisfy all demands.

To be a project manager is not always an easy assignment. We would like to support their jobs with the help of the models on this page. The numerous letters and congratulations from all over the world gives us more motivation.

Our promise is that we wouldn’t stop, we continue the hard work hopefully you will experience this in the following months and years. If you would like to start right away, click on this link.

Excel Dashboard Templates – KPI Dashboards

The all-time classic! The business world for some time now is heading in that direction that we weigh everything that is possible.

To quote a classic phrase: “we weigh it, it gets better”. So we got the idea for the “key performance indicator” from here. And how true is the before quoted sentence!

There can be mapped multiple departments and significant related business process within a company. These days we can apply 50-60 indicators at a moderate sized company. We would like to show everybody the world of performance measuring with the help of the articles of the KPI category.

The Excel KPI dashboards can be effective tools in reaching business goals. Was this enough reading for you? Here you can find the link to the KPI dashboard category.

Excel Dashboard Templates – Classic Dashboards

We know exactly that not everyone is bourn an Excel genius. We also have not been that and don’t think we are. We have created the category so that everyone can easily learn the basics of dashboards.

We paid attention especially to those users who just getting acquainted with the topic of Excel dashboards and would like to get solid basis. Of course the simplicity will not affect quality.

We have built up every single dashboard that with relatively short time input capable to measure complex indicators.

So it is only up to you (and your time availability) how you can make these work-helps unique. Have you got mood for discovery? By clicking here you can start the work right away!

Excel Dashboard Templates – Excel Maps

Excel Maps? How this subject comes here? We don’t raise your curiosity more! Effective data visualization can be achieved with the help of the Excel maps. If it is hard to imagine at first than jump on the article straightaway and you will understand.

To portray data on a map is not only suitable to create excellent presentations (although this is not a negligible point). With this method we can most effectively show the performance of the company’s business department especially if we would like to show the regional localization.

We think that this is the dream of every manager regarding tools making performance valuation easier. We have put in much time and energy making these maps; we hope it wasn’t in vain.

Excel Dashboard Templates – Excel Tips

Excel tips in all quantities. What is it that we always have very little? This is time. This is what always pressures us: have to make the dashboard on time; presentation of the boss cannot be late on any of the days.

We have collected simple but great work-helps in the Excel Tips topics.

We hope you can utilize those little tricks that make hardly achievable tasks be done in a few minutes.

Excel Dashboard Templates – Charts

We know that an effective chart can be solution to a lot of problems. We have made not-everyday charts we hope you wouldn’t be running into them all the time. The biggest difficulty was (and is) that Excel is continuously advancing but our determined goal to serve users with earlier Excel versions also.
This is why we created the Waterfall chart used in financial matters, the Pareto chart for measuring effectiveness and last but not least the Treemap chart that is used in the sales field.

Excel dashboard templates – Future of Dashboards

If we would know the answer to this question there would be no worthwhile to operate this blog. It wouldn’t be fortunate to know everything in advance. Mutual trades of the software and information technology that they change rapidly practically follow in real-time, but often pass by the also ever so changing users demands.

We can promise if you often visit our site guarantee you wouldn’t be missing the latest news and novelties.

Excel dashboard templates – Concept

Our free excel dashboard examples uses many different tools, formulas, functions and tricks that you can use in your own offline or online business. We hope our free Excel dashboard lessons will help you if you want to know well and properly how to create powerful, impressive and great looking board reports and analysis.

Excel Dashboard Templates – Final words

A great chart can radically improve the way you use and get sense of your information. Generally, use the best techniques and visualization guidelines when creating your dashboards.

Just learn and play with these excel dashboard examples and you will see: You have a lot of magic eye-catching solutions to build something new, something special. That’s the point.