Marimekko Chart


Today’s guide will explain how to create a Marimekko Chart in Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Microsoft 365 to display market segmentation maps using easy-to-understand visualization.

Bubble Timeline Chart


The timeline template uses a custom bubble chart, a great Excel visualization tool if you want to show data over time.

Stream Graph

stream graph excel chart template

To visualize a huge amount of data, use the stream graph. The graph is based on a stacked area chart and represents the evolutions of numeric values.

Cycle Plot Template

cycle plot panel chart small multiples in Excel

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a chart template using a cycle plot. The chart is great for comparison purposes.

Bullet Chart in Excel

bullet chart graph excel

No one likes to work with useless reports. The Bullet Chart is one of the best usable chart types in Excel.

Scrolling Period Chart

scrolling chart

The scrolling period chart template helps you if you want to track a longer period and within it a highlighted period.

Variance Analysis Chart

variance analysis report

We are using variance charts in everyday work in Excel. Comparing the planned value with the actual value is your goal if you are in sales.

Conditional Color Chart


The conditional color chart template is an interesting experiment for extending Excel toolbox.

TreeMap Chart

treemap chart example

Our new chart utility is ready to use and works fine with Office 2013 a newer versions.

Sales Forecast Chart

sales forecast chart

How to create a sales forecast chart in Excel? We need to show the actual value and the forecasted values on the same chart in some cases.