Progress Circle Chart

progress circle chart excel tutorial

Instead of using boring chart types, take a closer look at the progress chart. With its help, you can easily show your data. In the example, we will use a simple built-in chart template. The result – it’s based on a combo chart – displays the percentage completion towards a goal. The method is a little bit unusual, but it’s worth spending time on this.

To create the template, follow these simple steps. Insert a doughnut chart. Select the chart area and press Ctrl + C, then Ctrl + V. A new ring will appear. Split the chart into two parts. Use different colors for the inner and the outer ring. Apply the ‘No fill’ option to clean the chart. In this article, we’ll talk about the best charts to show % progress against a goal.

Radial Bar Chart

radial bar chart excel

This tutorial shows you how to create a radial bar chart template in Excel to compare sales performance. Good to know that a radial bar chart is one of the best solutions to create infographic-style charts. Data visualization is king! The vertical column chart evolved from the classical bar chart. All the difference between them is only that one of them uses polar and the other Cartesian coordinate systems.

While they look great, you need to pay attention to the Radial Bar Chart. It is good to know that each bar on the outside gets nearly longer to the last, even if they represent the same value. So, follow our tutorial and check how the graph work.

Sales Funnel Chart

sales funnel pipeline chart

Sometimes we need to build custom charts. What if you want to analyze your sales funnel? As we mentioned above, some built-in Excel charts are outdated. The funnel a marketing tool that raises many interesting questions. The graph show areas using multiple levels in a process. If you are using Microsoft Excel, you have only a basic chart with limited functions. Read more about our automated solution! Get the best funnel chart that you have ever seen. Take a closer look at the video to see what is under the hood.

Waffle Chart

waffle chart template

Tell your story using a waffle chart! It’s a great idea. I found this trick several times while I was reading newspapers. Another name for them is a square pie chart. It gives you a quick and clear visual signal of what you want to depict without using a lot of space and boosts your dashboard’s readability — the solution based on conditionally formatted ranges. Create a range that contains 10 rows and 10 columns. Apply the ROWS and COLUMNS formula for the selected grid. Using formatting, you can check the progress starting from the bottom-left corner. To convert cells or ranges into a chart, use a linked picture. Download our free dynamic waffle chart template!

Bullet Chart in Excel

bullet chart graph excel

No one likes to work with useless reports. The Bullet Chart is one of the best usable chart types in Excel. It is a solution to reach your goal: creating a dashboard to show the data on a single screen. A bullet chart is an answer to this. At first glance, a gauge chart is a great tool, but it can be useful if you want to show only one data point. Otherwise, – if you need to show more than one value – a bullet graph is a widely accepted tool. It is the best possible choice for displaying the differences between plan vs. actual values. Is this simple little tool able to compete with it? It will turn out by the end of the article! You have to show all important KPIs on one page. So, the bullet chart is a great choice!

Conditional Formatting Shapes

Conditional Formatting Shapes template

How to use conditional formatting on charts? Formatting cells is easy in Excel. How to improve this useful function? Is a shape fit to be the highlighted element of an advanced and dynamic chart template? As you know, Excel charts have some limits. But in this case, the answer is simple: Of course! Take a closer look at Today’s chart template; we will show you how all this is possible. In a nutshell, conditional formatting charts are capable of doing way more things than most of us think. Control your dynamic charts using a small VBA code. You can download the sample workbook, which you can freely use and modify.

Pareto Chart Template


Excel Pareto Chart template on Excel Dashboard School! The essence of the Pareto principle, – which is also called the 80/20 rule – that the smaller part of the data (about 20%) is of a decisive importance, opposite to the lot of little dominating data (80%). The good news is that you don’t have to be a genius in math to understand and use this rule. The regularity behind the rule was discovered by an economist, named Pareto and later turned out that it can be applied for all fields of life! Pareto has noticed that the larger part of the country’s economy is owned by a minority group. 80 % of the wealth is owned by 20% of the people.

Scrolling Period Chart


The scrolling period chart template is a special solution in that case if we would like to examine a longer time phase and within it an emphasized period. There are two instances of portraying the results of a period. The first one is when we create a detailed statement. This variant is especially for analysts, every little detail is displayed on the chart or on the dashboard. In the second case we creating a dashboard and only portray the highlighted events. The purpose of this is that the manager overviewing the report wouldn’t get lost in the details. It is important for a manager to get only the final data because he / she will make strategic decisions based on these.

Organizational Chart Template

org chart template

The org chart template is nothing else than the portrayal of the organized structure model or corporate structure. Not only Excel but Word and PowerPoint programs also contain tools for this job. Today’s article will introduce a solution that able you to create an org chart with only a push of a button. If you have the mood, use VBA SmartArt objects to build advanced charts in a short time. You can achieve great results if we use Excel to increase efficiency and decrease the time consumed by work, then we will have a lot more time to figure out more and more automatization. This little example showed us again that the possibilities of Excel usage are almost endless.

Plan Actual Variance Chart

Plan Actual Variance Chart 2017 feat

In this tutorial, you will learn how to transform bars into a stunning variance chart. If you are using a variance chart template, you only need to provide the actual value and the target value. For example, you want to compare the sales of two companies for the last 12 months. Note: we recommend you using combo charts for financial purposes.

How to create the template? As first, add data for the bars. We are using grey bars to display the plan value. On the lollipop chart, we’ll show the actual value. With the help of green and red arrows, it’s easy to show the differences. The green arrows are pointing upward, and the red arrows are pointing downward on the final chart. That is all! The template provides dynamic updates. If you change single or multiple values, the chart will reflect.

Variance Analysis Report

variance analysis report

The variance analysis report is an often used Excel template in everyday work. In our article today we would like to introduce with a few words the procedure that can help us achieve spectacular results quickly when we have to create a plan-actual comparison. Our Excel tip series expands with another presentation. In the future we’d like to pay a little more attention to the small but very useful apps. Based on the feedbacks we receive these are at least as much needed than Excel dashboards or complex analyses.

Conditional Color Chart


The conditional color chart template is an interesting experiment for extending Excel toolbox. Today’s article will help us in the solution of a very rare but important issue. So far we could mostly have the opportunity to use Excel conditional formatting function with cells, and with a little thinking we can easily make a spectacular Excel chart template also. What is this all about? When we color or assign distinctive signs the cells than we talking about conditional formatting. The aim of today’s presentation is to display values by assigning color codes in connection of if they are larger or smaller than a given parameter (average).

Advanced Score Meter Chart

score meter chart excel credit rating

The advanced score meter chart template is nothing else than such an application that helps us display each quality indicator in a different way till now. We have already seen several solutions on the net but these are all looked alike except for a very few. We keep ourselves to the previously written down principles meaning that on the Excel Dashboard School blog you will only see unique Excel templates and dashboards. The effectuation of the interval division that makes the score meter chart unique. We all know the classic scale with degrees ranging from week to excellent. We will use these and in a dynamic way! As a default we will be able to handle values between 0% and 100%.

Interactive Chart Tooltips


Would you like to see some great interactive charts and templates? With the help of these, the graphs speak for themselves. We were working hard to create better and diverse data visualizations for you. I hope you will find the result of today’s guide useful. Let us see the details: the sample data set is simple. There are income, expenses, and profit is the difference between these two. In the column Plan / Actual, we can see how the planned income and expenditures take shape compare to the actual data. In the last column, you can find the differences in percent. If the value is over 100 %, then we over-fulfilled the plan; obviously, this is the goal. The template uses linked picture technic.

Quick KPI Chart in Excel


Today’s presentation, the Quick KPI Chart will give you lots and lots of help if the phrase key performance indicator is not new to you. Small, Simple, Smart, Quick are the words that first come to mind when we think about an excel template or excel dashboard. Many people or even excel gurus think it is astoundingly complicated workflow to create an excel dashboard. Fortunately there are situations when we don’t have to struggle for making something spectacular. We’ll introduce such little trick in today’s article. We hope that after you have reached the end of the article and tried the excel template, again take a big step toward getting to know the possibilities of Excel. As you will see, there are no limits!

Sunburst Chart

sunburst chart

The sunburst chart comes in Excel 2016. In some cases, you need to show hierarchical data in a circular format; this chart is yours. On the chart, each level of the hierarchy is represented as a ring. We will show all the advantages of this smart chart – the items on the top-level show up in the inner ring. Sub-categories are displayed as outer rings. Segments in each ring are sized proportionally using a value series. It’s easy to show multiple categories on a circular format graph. All right; starting with the basics, let us see how the sunburst chart template is good!

TreeMap Chart

treemap chart example

Excel Treemap Chart was introduced in Excel 2016. What if you are using Microsoft Excel 2013? In this version, it’s not a default chart. Our new chart utility is ready to use and works fine with Office 2013. With its help, you can create new – never-before-seen templates. Compare the sales by years, manage the risks easily!

From now on, you can create advanced heatmaps with zero programming skills. Otherwise, time-consuming tasks will turn into a daily routine. You will see why the treemap chart is universal. We don’t want to use up your patience, so let’s start right away!

Excel Waterfall Chart


Excel waterfall chart – The regular excel waterfall chart is designed to demonstrate how a start value is raised and reduced, leading to a final result. To recognize between positive and negative values, we’ll use a color-coded stacked column charts. This chart type commonly used in various sectors: you can build an excellent profit-loss or sales dashboards using this way.

Interactive sales chart

radar chart

The radar chart shows multiple categories (scoring, risk, or sales) on one graph. It’s fully able for easy comparison. The solution, in a nutshell: All groups turn into points on the graph. The distance from the center displays the value of the score in the given category. A line connecting each data point in the category represents the data source. Multiple data sources become multiple colored areas on the chart. This guide will show you how to build a spider chart. The free editable worksheet is available for download!

Excel Sparklines


In Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 we can use a new chart type named sparklines. Sparkline are mini charts located in single cells, each representing a series of data in our range. It help bring meaning and context to numbers being reported and, compared with a classic chart, are meant to be embedded into what they are reporting. Using the Design tab on the ribbon, we can completely customize our sparklines to match whatever visual style we need.

Gantt Chart


Gantt chart templates are useful tools for managing and scheduling projects in Excel. If you want to build a graph, you have two options. With a few steps, you can turn a simple bar chart into a Gantt Chart. In this case, Chart Formatting is important. As first, right-click on any of the bars on the chart to modify existing charts. Remove extra spaces between the graphs using the Gap Width. Another solution is based on conditional formatting. You can use different colors to highlight the task status.

Sales Forecast Chart

sales forecast chart

It is common problem to show both actual data and forecast as a single trending component. Here is a good question: How to create sales forecast chart in Excel? In this example we have a simple line chart with monthly data for two years. We will charted months on the X axis and sales on the Y axis. This table represent actual and forecasted sales.