Organizational Chart Template

How to create an organizational chart template using excel VBA programming? First, we’ll use our hierarchy visualization tool to create an organizational chart template.

It was hard to decide if we should place today’s article in the Excel charts or VBA categories for it fits both of them. However, as a final decision, it is placed with the Excel charts because today’s subject will be data visualization and useful Excel tips.

The Excel template displays an organized structure model or corporate structure. Excel, Word, and PowerPoint also contain tools for this job. Today’s article will introduce a solution that able you to create an org chart template with only a push of a button.

Demonstrate Relationships using Org Chart

We need the knowledge of some VBA programming, but the realization will not be complicated. For example, a three-level structure can be seen in the picture below.

We will ignore the top-level box, this cell you can fill out arbitrarily and assign a name to it.

Organizational Chart Template final

The figure below shows that we have to supply the base data to draw the template in what order. Please look at this carefully because giving the starting arrangement correctly is very important. Once the structure is ready, click on the ‘Visualize’ button. Excel will publish the new organization chart.

Organizational Chart Template – Hierarchy visualization

The usage of the org chart template is extensive: we can apply it in the field of Human resources when we have to demonstrate the relationship between the managers and the employees within a company.

If we look at its use from the project management viewpoint, we think this solution will be handy for assigning tasks to the participant colleagues in a given project.

If you use Excel to increase efficiency and decrease the time-consuming work, we will have a lot more time to figure out more and more automatization.

This above-mention template shows us, that the possibilities of Excel usage are almost endless. You can customize and modify the chart as you wish! Use Excel’s built-in styles, shadows, and other different effects.

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