Ribbon Navigation Menu

ribbon navigation menu

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Find errors in a range

find errors and blanks in a range excel

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Excel Add-in Ribbon Disappears

Excel Add-in Ribbon Disappears After Installation

A recent Microsoft Office security update (for July 2016) has caused add-in Ribbon Menu Bars to disappear when Excel is opened. What a frustrating issue! This article explains the possible … Read more

How to install an Excel Add-in

how to install an excel add-in feat

Today’s article explains everything you need to know about how to install an excel add-in – or plugin, as it’s also known. We’ll show you what it is, why it’s … Read more

Extract Matches and Differences

extract matches differences vba fi

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Color ranking in Excel

color ranking excel

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Create Heat Map in Excel

heat map

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How to compare two columns in Excel

compare two columns in excel higlhlight matches

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How to sort by color in Excel

sort by color excel

We frequently ask: How to sort by color in Excel? The answer is easy. Be smart! We will show you the most used tricks. In this tutorial, we’ll start from the ground up. We hope you may find helpful when you want to use time-saving solutions to sort data by color.

Excel Sorting Data Tips

Excel Sorting Data Tips – With the help of Excel Sorting Data Tips we looking for solutions for very interesting problems today. How to sort dynamically a list containing two columns (‘Product’ and ‘Sales’ columns) at will only using excel functions? On the second worksheet we will show you a solution based on the on the fly sorting technique. It is well capable of give us help in creating an excel dashboard or other visualization tasks especially when available space is scarce.