Highlight Every Other Row in Excel

highlight every other row in Excel zebra stripe

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to highlight every other row in Excel. We’ll show you how to improve the readability of your spreadsheet and shade alternate rows. As first, you’ll learn how to highlight every other row using conditional formatting. After that, we’ll introduce the excel-table based solution. Finally, we’ll write a short macro to get the work even faster for shading every other row.

Excel Sorting Data Tips

Excel Sorting Data Tips – With the help of Excel Sorting Data Tips we looking for solutions for very interesting problems today. How to sort dynamically a list containing two columns (‘Product’ and ‘Sales’ columns) at will only using excel functions? On the second worksheet we will show you a solution based on the on the fly sorting technique. It is well capable of give us help in creating an excel dashboard or other visualization tasks especially when available space is scarce.