Ultimate Dashboard Tools

What are Ultimate Dashboard Tools?

Ultimate Dashboard Tools is a professional Excel dashboard and chart add-in. We proudly announce that we passed over 3000 users. Add-in is used in many different sectors. UDT integrates seamlessly with Excel!

Download the quick guide to check how to create stunning dashboards and special charts ASAP. Watch our live presentation! The add-in is from now PORTABLE.

Top 5 reasons to use UDT

  • Extreme flexibility: it can be used to make almost any kind of KPI dashboard
  • Various chart types in a single click
  • Rock stable and featherweight code, the add-in only 500kb
  • Create professional real-time dashboards in minutes without programming skills
  • Regular updates, new chart types and functions

There isn’t any long standing or well working recipe in the world of data-visualization and Excel. Our product would like to give help to find the best method.

The main goal is to make professional portable Excel dashboard templates in minutes!

Automated Live Gauge Charts

Everybody already knows the gauge chartThey are so popular that couldn’t be left out from the newest Microsoft BI tool and PowerBI. These are about solutions capable of creating real time dashboards.

ultimate dashboard tools gauge chart tools

What is portable? Let’s say you have the add-in and created a dashboard with gauges etc. and then send it to someone who doesn’t have the add-in installed on his Excel. In this case will my file work on his Excel? Yes!

We have already said that there are no limits any number of gauge can be used on a dashboard. Fully automated operation and stability are its characteristics.

Bullet Chart Tool

The bullet chart is a special kind of chart. Our long time desire (not only ours but our user’s wish also) has come true with the introduction of this tool. Excel default doesn’t support its use. We have by-passed this problem with some VBA tricks. Its biggest advantage is the space-saving. An ordinary bullet chart usually can handle 3-5 zones / values, the red / yellow / green zone of the key performance indicators, and also the values of plan and actual.

ultimate dashboard tools bullet
Wow, how did this chart was created? It is hard to believe but the only thing has to be done is to highlight the columns containing the base data.

After this you don’t have to do anything but to click on the bullet chart icon on the ribbon. Your chart is done! We manage all the time consuming algorithms in the background. You only have to pay attention to the dashboards.

Furthermore, we also have a good news. We let our imagination run free so you can reach the maximum marketing profit. The chart is not only able to handle three categories but a maximum of eight!

Waterfall chart

Waterfall chart is the third element of the Ultimate Dashboard Tools. The waterfall diagram is a visualization tool that is able to show various effects. It gives help to the itemized tracking of plan / actual differences. The diagram grows or decreases from a starting value due to various effects. Thus reaches final value.

This type of diagram unfortunately is only supported by Excel 2016. We have two choices. We can make it manually or we can choose automatized solution.

With the help of the Ultimate Dashboard Tools we can make waterfall charts with the push of a button also in Excel 2010 and 2013 versions.

ultimate dashboard tools waterfallSome of the main utilization fields of it are marketing and revealing the reasons of profit change.

Marketing and profit is changing year by year. The difference between the years can be due to several effects. We gather them into categories. Finally we portray the effects to the result caused by the changing of category values.

Quick Variance Charts

We can create the horizontal and vertical chart with a push of a button. We only need to highlight the plan and actual data rows.

After this from the ribbon the appropriate icon can be used. We reach the needed result in a blink of an eye.

ultimate dashboard tools varichartsIt is good to know that the dynamic chart principal is in effect here too. If we change the value of one cell than the chart will change in real time.

Sales Funnel

The purchase funnel, or purchasing funnel, is a consumer focused marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a product or service.

Using UDT you can create sales funnel chart under Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 too.

sales funnel

Tree map Chart

Finally let’s say a few words about a special type of chart! With the help of Treemap Chart Utility you can make spectacular data-visualization without programming knowledge.

On this picture we have portrayed the marketing results of an international company. The surface of the squares are proportional to the profit obtained by marketing. We have created all this from a chart containing two columns (name of the country, quantity) with a single click of a button.

We have developed the Excel dashboard add-in that you can apply arbitrary color scale for marking the minimum and maximum values. The add-in enables the use of the chart in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 also.

Gantt chart Maker

The Gantt chart is one of the most important helping tool of Excel project management.

The userform can be seen on the picture will appear by clicking on the Gantt chart icon.

After setting some parameters the Gantt chart is instantly available.

What are customers saying about Ultimate Dashboard Tools

As a Program Manager -and Professor at a Belgian University teaching project management – managing projects for several companies in the area of Industrial Engineering, Pharmaceutics, Automotive, Bank & Insurance and Food Industry, I started to develop my own dashboards.

One day I got in contact with UDT and I must say: from day 1, I was surprised of all the benefits you can have to build up your dashboard to visualize your data. A very easy and simple way to amaze your Board of Directors.

But this is not the only advantage. The continuous improvements we suggested towards the developers of UDT was above expectations: the support is very fast and we work in an open very receptive atmosphere. With UDT, we are going towards a new generation of using Excel and displaying your data. Not the Generation X, not the Generation Y but the Generation W. The W of WAW !

Thank you for the support and continuous collaboration together.

Didier Brackx, Belgium
Managing Director / Xenturion BVBA

Gauge Maker Pro add-in is a no brainer…it’s so easy and fast to create the amazing gauges that impress everybody.

Ricardo Diaz, Colombia
CAM Consultores

I think the biggest appeal to Ultimate Dashboard Tools (UDT) is the sense that regardless of the influx of many new analytical software out there, you can create and develop reports and dashboards at the same level or better in Excel.

UDT consistently opened my mind to new ways of visualizing my data and customizing dashboards to fit my audience, especially in my line of work where visualization is crucial for decision-making.

Thanks to UDT, I continue to WOW my audience. More importantly, UDT has a human touch; I reached out when I needed assistance, and received more in return. I remain a fan.

Ivo Mekolle, MBA USA
IT Quality Management Consultant

Important things: Speed, Compatibility, Stability

How to maximize speed and stability? The Ribbon Commander Framework is a framework and application that allows the Microsoft Office Ribbon to be dynamic. We love it! Unviewable+ help us to improve source code security.

Pre-Purchase Questions

As we stated on the FAQ page we do not have any monthly fees and after purchase we provide life-time free updates. The support is free, fortunately we hardly ever have to intervene! If you have any questions please use the contact form. We try to answer every question as soon as possible. Check our super-duper license policy too!

If you have a web site, blog, or email newsletter, you can market Ultimate Dashboard Tools for Excel and earn a 33% commission.

Current version: 7.52 / Release date: 2017-04-01