Percentile Rank Formula

percentile rank in excel classification

Learn how to use the percentile rank formula to classify data based on criteria. We use percentile ranks often in data analysis. Using this feature, we can check the target performance of the group as a whole. Highlight Data Based on Percentile rank The problem We have a list of 20 products with different sales. … Read more

Create Heat Map in Excel

heat map

Use a heat map in Excel for rapid visualizations! We’ll show you various solutions to create heat maps and dynamic colored shapes. First, this tutorial will provide a detailed introduction the heat map optimization using Excel. Then, we will explain how to use advanced and straightforward solutions to improve the visual performance of your presentation. … Read more

Combine Multiple Workbooks


How to combine multiple workbooks into one worksheet? Our Excel data processing tools series continues! A short time ago we got acquainted with the Excel worksheet splitter that gave us a big help cutting up and grouping data tables.

Convert Tabular Format into Excel Data Table

tabular format - 2

The Excel Table is relatively seldom used and underrated feature in Excel. But in today’s article we’ll show you the advantages of its use. It makes it easy for a user to manage data if it is in a tabular format. Just by converting a data range into a table its usage is even easier. After this little intro, let’s see the step by step tutorial!

Data Entry using UserForm and VBA


In today’s example we’ll introduce data entry with the help of the UserForm. Using UserForm can considerably improve the interaction with our users. Furthermore this way we can assist them to execute particular steps. They play a very important role in the automatization of Excel. In these days none of the business dashboards can be imagined without Form Controls. Let’s say a few words about today’s task. At times data entry can be very boring and by this can incline users to mistakes.

Show Developer Tab on the ribbon


How to show Developer tab on the Ribbon in Excel? This tab contains a lot of advanced features. We will show you how to enable it! The Developer tab can’t be found on the ribbon as a default. In today’s article we’ll show how can it be reached and what kind of functions it has. You wouldn’t even think how many things can be controlled by its use. Of its many advantages let’s see here some: we can launch macros, we can insert interactive controls. Thereby we give data visualization an effective support and can make our presentation more spectacular.

Drop-down list in Excel

drop-down list excel new

The Excel drop-down list is a great tool that belongs to the data validation group. Can be used almost all of the making of special dashboards or templates. Its main function is the limitation of data input, in a given cell we can only chose the elements of one fixed list. The drop-down list can be imagined like a little menu from where we can only chose the value that was previously specified. Just think about all the mistakes and errors we can avoid with the help of this method! There is no mistakenly entered name anymore, the specified list will not allow incorrect data entry.

Frequency Distribution Table


Frequency Distribution Table – Create excel frequency distribution table in seconds with help of our free DataXL automation add-in! It is not a new thing that we want to give you better and smarter tools day by day. This is why we have created the website. The free Data Explorer add-in has again expanded with a great function! How can we make statistical analyzation even simpler? Read on, we are offering a very interesting Excel tutorial now! What is the Excel frequency distribution table? And how does it work?

Excel Formula Audit Tool


Our Excel Formula Audit tool is a part of free DataXL automation add-in. The Excel default formula audit tool caters only to the basic functions. If we work on large tables and many formulas then we have to find a much more effective solution. This is why we created the Excel formula audit add-in. We endeavored to keep the user experience in mind. The goal of the Excel productivity tool is to portray in visual format the connection between data. Please read through today’s lesson because you will become richer with useful information!

Split Excel Worksheet


How to split Excel worksheet to separate workbooks or tabs? Our Excel data processing series continues with the introduction of a new Excel tool. We strongly believe that today’s presentation will bring data processing professionals again one step closer to success. The cleansing, merging and grouping of data frequently causes difficult moments but there is always effective solution! We don’t want to get cut up in clichés but time is scares and the workload is large! Keeping this in mind let’s start today’s lesson and by the end of the day it will be child’s play for you to handle large amount of data.

VBA macro collection


We have collected some useful and most wanted excel macros that can help you daily without problems. In addition, Excel Dashboard School’s VBA macro collection contains very simple macros. See the code editor to understand Excel VBA logic and the core spreadsheet functions. We hate the manual data manipulations in excel so much. Most wanted VBA macro … Read more

Excel Job Interview Tips

excel job interview 1

The following excel job interview tips we have put together particularly for those who seek jobs. In the past 15 years we have written a few of them ourselves, there were more simple ones and complex ones also, we would like to share with you in this article the experiences about these interviews.