VBA macro collection

We have collected some useful and most wanted excel macros that can help you daily without problems. In addition, Excel Dashboard School’s VBA macro collection contains very simple macros.

See the code editor to understand Excel VBA logic and the core spreadsheet functions. We hate the manual data manipulations in excel so much.

Most wanted VBA macro collection

Delete blank rows in a selected range

Deleting non-empty rows in a range is a common problem in daily Excel usage. Using this simple VBA macro, you can scan the selected range and quickly delete the empty rows from a long range of cells.


First, select the range, press ALT + F8 to open the Macro window, and finally, run the selected macro. Here is a sample workbook to try this great function.

Find the last non-empty cell in a row

Now here is one of the frequently asked questions. How to return the last non-blank cell in a row or column?

If trouble comes around, use our little VBA code, we hope it can be helpful.


Here’s what we are looking for. Click here to download the sample spreadsheet to analyze the solution.

Eliminate duplicate values in a column

The third part of the VBA macro collection is a duplication challenges. Here is nothing special. Select the range which contains the values and run the macro.

This way, working correctly only by a sorted list.


View the attached template to learn the trick!

Highlight Selected Cell in a Data table

If you create a dashboard in Excel or develop business reports, it’s your Swiss knife! Finally, you can visualize the key important thing.


If you like it, you can download it, no worries.

Consolidate data from separated files

How to consolidate data from multiple excel files using VBA? First, check this macro. It is a powerful, lightweight solution for managing separated data tables.


Click the link to manage your database.