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Latest releases:

  • DataXL Productivity Suite v8 – 2021-12-15
  • DataFX UDF Library for Excel add-in v82021-06-14
  • Free Organizational Chart Builder for Excel v1.2 – 2022-04-12

Details: Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Important: In the future, we continue the add-in developments on our new site, here.

Free Organizational Chart Maker for Excel

free org chart add-in

If you want to speed up your work, read more on building a stunning org chart asap with Free Organizational Chart add-in.

DataXL – Free Excel Productivity Add-in

We proudly present our improved tool!

dataxl excel productivity tools add-in

Text Tools and Smart Utilities

Text processing and string manipulations in Excel are not easy tasks, but we’ll help you simplify string-related functions using our add-in. In addition, we will help you to clean your raw data!

Learn how to install an Excel add-in quickly.

Feature list:

  1. Convert text to uppercase, apply Excel lowercase to your data or convert your text values to proper / title case
  2. Delete the first or the last character from a selected string
  3. Remove Text by position
  4. Delete or extract characters starting at the nth position
  5. Remove spaces, non-printable characters, all line breaks, and initial apostrophes
  6. Insert text before first, after the last character
  7. Insert text starting at the nth position and much more….
  8. Calendar. Quick dates entry to save your time.
  9. Drop-down list creator: Create a drop-down list in selected cells in seconds

Spreadsheet Tools – Effective management for Ranges

  • Data Collector: Consolidate Multiple Worksheets into one Workbook
  • Split Ranges: Split one data table into several different sheets based on the values of the specified column or other criteria.
  • Compare Ranges: Compare two columns or ranges and the output or highlighting of coincidences/differences between them.
  • Clean Ranges: Delete text, formats, notes, hyperlinks, conditional formatting, etc. in selected cells.
  • Screenshot Manager: Create a screenshot of the selected range and export it into various formats.

WorkSheet Manager

Perform various operations (adding, sorting, protecting, etc.) on sheets in the current workbook.

Feature list:

  • Short Sheets
  • Copy selected sheets n-times
  • Protect or unprotect sheets
  • Change visibility of selected sheets
  • Sync all sheets
  • Add Table of Contents (TOC) sheets
  • Save selected sheets as separate files

Workbook Manager

  • Combine Multiple Workbooks
  • Split Sheets to Files: Save sheets in separate files using a user-friendly interface.
  • Workbook Cleaner: Clean the current workbook of unnecessary data, formats, images, macros, etc. making files smaller and faster.
  • Delete empty and hidden sheets in the actual workbook
  • Delete unused, empty rows and comments on all sheets

Formula Audit Tools

Good news! We’ve updated the free excel add-in with a powerful formula audit tool!

Smart Precedents Checker: Opens a dialog box that contains links to all precedent cells relied upon to calculate the active cell. You can quickly navigate to each precedent cell, including those on other worksheets and in other workbooks. In addition, this tool will attempt to open any external workbooks containing precedent cells.

Smart Dependents Checker: Opens a dialog box that contains links to all dependent cells whose calculation relies upon the active cell. You can quickly navigate to each dependent cell, including those on other worksheets and in other workbooks. Furthermore, The tool can open any external workbooks containing dependent cells.

Last Audited Cell: Return to the previous cell audited using Smart Precedents or Dependents.

DataFX – User Defined Functions and Library browser

We added 80+ various UDF to boost your productivity using special functions!

List of core functions:

datafx free excel add-in

and more.


Download DataXL

Download DataFX

Cool Excel Templates

Automate Sending Emails From Excel
Are you dealing with lots of emails? Get this free rapid email tool to save you time. Quickly create email templates in Excel to send them to groups of people. It is so simple to use. Read more.

Easy Ribbon Builder – Freeware
If you write macros, try this template. A ribbon tab is the most modern and professional user interface to trigger macros. Businesses are much more likely to endorse Excel projects with custom ribbon tabs. Design Excel tab buttons fast!

If you want to learn more about data cleansing, check our definitive guide.