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DataFX Free Function Library for Excel

Discover the power of the DataFX Function Library, a free add-in that offers more than 200 high-performance user-defined functions. Each function is designed to simplify complex tasks and improve your Excel experience. These UDFs make formula creation more intuitive, significantly reducing the time required for data analysis. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously invest in development, dedicating countless hours to refining and enhancing the add-in’s capabilities.

The add-in has a built-in function browser to help users navigate its extensive collection of functions. This user-friendly interface categorizes functions for quick access and an organized overview, making it an invaluable tool for optimizing workflows and fully utilizing the add-in’s capabilities. Whether you’re a financial analyst crunching numbers or cleaning data, our add-in is the Swiss Army knife that will elevate your Excel projects to new heights of efficiency and style.

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Gauge Chart Builder Add-in [Free]

We have a piece of good news! From now on, you can download a small Gauge Chart add-in. With its help, you can save hours if you are working with dashboards.

Gauge chart add-in

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Free Organizational Chart Maker for Excel

free org chart add-in

If you want to speed up your work, read more on building a stunning org chart ASAP with the Free Organizational Chart add-in.

DataXL – Free Excel Productivity Add-in

We proudly present our improved tool!

dataxl excel productivity tools add-in

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If you want to learn more about data cleansing, check our definitive guide.