Abbreviate names or words

Abbreviate names or words

To abbreviate names that contain capital letters, we will introduce a custom Excel function. The ABBREVIATE function returns the abbreviation for the supplied string. We’ll show you two different methods. … Read more

Trim text to n words

trim text to n words in excel

How to trim text to n words? We will show you various methods (regular functions and VBA) to get first n words from a text string. Generic Formula to trim … Read more

Split text with delimiter

split text with delimiter

Learn how to split text with a delimiter (comma, space, or special characters) using a formula based on the TRIM, MID, SUBSTITUTE, and LEN functions. Later we feel the need … Read more

Join first and last name

how to join first and last names in excel

How to join first and last names into a single full name? We’ll show you two methods to concatenate the names. The first example discovers the classic concatenation using the … Read more

Get first word from some text

get first word from some text in excel

How to extract the first word from some text? We will show you various solutions using the FIND, LEFT, and ExtractWord function in Excel. Generic formula to get the first … Read more

Split Text and Numbers

split text and numbers

Learn how to split text and numbers! Use SplitNumbers function with different parameters depending on whether you want to extract the text or the number. Generic formula to split Text … Read more

Get last name from name

get last name from a name in excel using formulas

[no_toc] Get the last name from a full name quickly using TextRight and Substring function! Or – if you have time enough – use a complex formula that uses several … Read more

Get first name from name

Get first name from name using excel formulas

[no_toc] Learn how the get the first name from a name using regular (LEFT, FIND) and user-defined (TextLeft, ExtractWord) functions. This is a common occurrence when you have to clean … Read more

Get last word from a text string

get last word from a text string excel

This post explains how to get the last word from a text string using standard excel formulas. We’ll introduce the new GetLastWord function too! And we’ll also introduces some minor … Read more

Remove characters from right

remove characters from right excel

Learn how to remove characters from the right of the text using various Excel functions. Discover how to remove the last n characters from a text string. If you have … Read more

Remove Text by Position

remove text by position in excel using various methods

Learn how to remove text from a cell by position using the REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE and TEXTRIGHT formula in Excel. In this tutorial we’ll show you various string manipulation functions! … Read more

Remove Text by Matching

remove text by matching excel formula

[no_toc] Learn how to remove text from a cell-based by matching content (not position) in Excel. Use the SUBSTITUTE function or the advanced SUBSTRING and TEXTRIGHT formulas. Universal Formula to … Read more

Remove First Character

Remove First Character using various excel formulas and tricks

[no_toc] In this tutorial, we’ll show you various technics and tricks to remove the first character from a string in Excel. Discover how to use our free Excel add-ins for … Read more