HR Analytics Dashboard

hr analytics dashboard 2016 update

HR Analytics Dashboard

It is not a customary task to plan and develop a HR Analytics Dashboard. It is time for us to show you how to build very quickly a custom HR Analytics Dashboard. It is very useful for an HR leader so much so that it is rather an expectation to keep an eye on the human resources of the company.

We will examine six organizational departments. These are the following: Accounting, Administration, Customer Support, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, R&D, Sales. These departments can be found in all major corporations.

The conception haven’t changed, we keep ourselves to the one-page-dashboard rule, however much is the data, we will display it on one single excel page.

HR Analytics Dashboard – Metrics and Visualization

In connection with the HR project we will display the following indicators: Total Salary, Total Bonus, Total Overtime, Total Slick Days and average related to these indicators.

In relation to the HR project we will display the following indicators: Total Salary, Total Bonus, Total Overtime, Total Slick Days and average related to these indicators.

hr analytics dashboard setup

As an addition we will evaluate the average performance on a scale from 1 to 5.

Let’s start to analyze the displayed data from the top! We can choose the summed up values for a department with a help of a drop-down menu. We can find the departments on the “data” worksheet.

hr analytics dashboard final

In general we can say that the resource-data of the hr analytics dashboard is always placed on a separate worksheet so they completely separated from the end-result dashboard.

We realize the connection between the two tables with the help of the VLOOKUP and the SUMIF functions.

After we have choosen a department, we use the well-tried (and detailed in our previous article) formula REPT and the Webdings font and display the size of the department.

The number of displayed figures determines the number of co-workers in the given department. If you making a different nature of dashboard then you can use other special characters of the Webdings fonts, for example you can chose from the symbols below.

As you can see variety / selection is large. We have marked the special character on the picture that we have used in this excel dashboard.

hr analytics dashboard symbols

You can insert the symbols with the following method:

The symbol button on the Insert tab launches the Symbol screen, which includes two tabs. The Symbols tab has lots of features. You can pick both a Font and a Subset of unique characters.

Subsets provide groups of related symbols.

For example, use the Subset menu to switch to people symbols. When you locate the symbol you like to use, click Insert. Finally double-click to embed a symbol to complete hr analytics dashboard.

HR Analytics Dashboard – Using Shapes

The excel shape is such a vector object that we can use freely to make our dashboard presentation more spectacular. There is no ‘magic’ here, we have placed 1-1 different colored (blue / white) circles on top of each other and they also partly cover each other.

With a help of a simple text box we can assign arbitrary values to each and every vector object.

We only have to choose fonts (in this case the Eras Bold ITC) and the perfect headings and labels are done.

Excel lend us hand in many problems, it didn’t let us down today either.

Thank you for being with us today!

Take a closer look at this excel template, you can download it here.