Pimp your Dashboard

Our ready to use shape set contains top quality excel info-graphic elements you can use in presentations or templates. A good charts and vector elements – when used correctly – can boost your presentation. The opposite is also true: when used wrong, it’ll break things. We’ll explain why excel tools are so important and how you can use them properly.

You can apply the standard excel tools to improve your dashboard: Move, resize or delete specific shapes; swap fill color or font color; change shadow settings or apply gradients. You can also link shapes to selected cells.

Pimp your Dashboard – Must have tools

Data validation

You can use data validation to control the type of data or the values that users type into a cell. The most popular data validation uses is to create a drop-down list. To build the list of options is to type them on a worksheet. We can do this method on the sheet that will have the drop-down lists, or on a different worksheet.

In most cases the excel list will be stored on a sheet named ‘Lists’.

Conditional formatting

Using conditional formatting you can create a rule (or rules) based on the selected cell’s contents. For example set conditional formatting, so that a cell turns green if the cost is low, and turns red if cost is high. We’ve published an huge article about the rules of conditional formatting.

It’s very useful if you develop a sales performance report, scorecard or a simple kpi dashboard.


This is a tiny graph in a worksheet cell that provides a visual representation of your data set. For example you can use sparklines to show trends in a series of values. Another useful thing: you can highlight maximum and minimum values easily. The greatest impacts of sparklines: you can position the chart near its data source.

Sparklines aka mini chart (or in cell chart) is a standard dashboard element. We suggest to use sparklines to present time series data or visualizing trends. Here is an example to try it!

Form Controls

Active report elements like form controls or pivot table slicers suggest to play with the chart. We recommend to use form controls and automated data entry using VBA to create interactive dashboards. If you can play download our form controls example!


Gauges and speedometers are our personal favorites in Excel. We have some free dashboards for you, visit the gauges area!

Traffic Lights

We’ll use traffic signals as a status for actual KPI valueIf the green traffic light is active that the performance is great, the red light indicate the weak performance. Our latest template using these tools. A common way to choose KPIs is to apply a balanced scorecard or a sales dashboard.

OK, some cool dashboard widget waiting for you. Download the collections!