Excel Mapping – Australia Heat Map

Excel mapping: just a few words before we start. Can’t be told or written down enough times how important the subject of visualization has become in the past few years. Those times have passed when people spent their times looking at boring tabulations.

Are you a top manager? Then we know that you have very little time at your disposal. Maybe you only have 5 minutes a day to review marketing data. We can help!

Are you an analyst? Then we suppose you spend 10-12 hours a day working, so you can make dashboards for top managers. Time is money – this phrase is right on the button. Efficiency, efficiency and efficiency again. By clicking here you can read an interesting article about the Pareto-principal – it can be very useful!

It’s a great solution to visualize geo data.

We created a simple Australia vector map using data organized by country, state or region. This Excel map template and feature will enable Excel mapping or sales heat mapping option for you. Variously heat maps can easily be created using Excel Dashboard School mapping engine.

Excel Mapping – Reasons to use our solutions

As you can see in this article sequence we create maps. Only the first one was hard to make really, because from then on we have a good working foundation is available for us. From this everything is related to the quality of the vector shapes that we can work with. Then the well-known question arises. How can we support marketing with this dashboard?


We make interactive ready to go Excel dashboards and map templates with clean interface. Australia map template is ideal for business analysts or sales managers to create visual solutions, presentations and dashboards in Excel. Finally we built a clean code and fresh design. Everything is given from now on for things to go very well!

Excel Mapping – Online or Offline?

The question is not simple. Both solutions – online and offline – has its advantages and disadvantages. In our example we focused on portable solutions. In some cases can be useful if we don’t force online connection at all casts.

You can simply copy the map on to your notebook or tablet and you can take it with you anywhere. Who didn’t face the problem that in the most important situations just lost internet connection? When you use these maps you will not face such problems.

The base vector map and VBA engine are provided via Excel so an Internet connection is NOT required for mapping data. Our mapping solution makes it easy for all Excel users to quickly create interactive maps, sales presentation or data visualization. It is worth to pay attention to these three words: quick, interactive and efficient.

List of regions of Australia: New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Create your own map in minutes

To develop a new Excel mapping based visualization, just open your template in Excel and change your sales data on the setup / calculation sheet. It will display a graphical representation of the sales performance by region. We allow you to define and specify the source data area.

Australia map template is a standalone product, no internet connection or activation required you can use our templates any time and any place offline.

We have updated the map and provide FREE VBA CODE! You can modify and customize the map if you want! Click here to download our free excel map template!