Excel Power Map – Exploring Data in 3D

Finally! Exploring Data in 3D! Excel Power Map is native to Excel 2013 for Office365 ProPlus users! Let’s rock!

What is Excel Power Map?

This is a great tool for everyone to explore and visualize data in 3D. Using this solution and analysis feauters we can create highly detailed interactive dashboard, customer performance presentation. We can handle huge data sets a brand new way and we can share them with other users. In my first article I’ll show you how to create a simple 3D dashboard using BI features and Microsoft mapping service.

The first thing that we have to do, go to do Insert tab on the Ribbon, the new Power Map tools can be found here. We’ll use the Map workbook, which you can find (and download) the end of article. First time we create a map inside of Power Map, Excel will display a message box indicating that we have to enable a connection to Bing maps.

Click the Map button and Excel will create a new Power Map sheet and also adds the table that we had selected.


We can choose the state under a Choose Geography settings and it can be find below the Geography and Map Level Panel.

Select state / Province and click next.


Using drag and drop technic move the Orders field to the Height section and the Salesrep field to Category section. I marked it with green arrows. The blue, orange and purple columns in each of the states indicates the relative number of orders by each salesperson.

We can resize our map control by dragging any of the handles. So, if we zoom in, we’ll get more detail and if we’ll zoom out, we’ll get less detail. It’s so easy!


You can download the sample workbook just open it a try these great map features.

If you are interested in Excel visualization and kpi dashboards check our tutorials and follow our training programs on YouTube!

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