TreeMap Chart

Excel TreeMap chart engine is our latest Excel tool. Let’s see a real novelty that you can’t see every day! After many years of waiting the Treemap chart or Square-chart still didn’t get into the current version of Excel. Our newest application is done and with its help you can build dashboard templates in Excel.

From now on really spectacular heatmaps can be created without any programming skills and the otherwise time consuming and complex analysis tasks will turn into daily routine. You will see treemap charts usage can be universal, we don’t want to use up your patience, so let’s start right away!

Inroducing Excel TreeMap Charts

The color of the smaller units in the big square is depending on how big of a weight (what values) they have in the starting list which gives the basis of the chart.

On this picture you can see the result of a two columns list. The countries that have higher values take up a bigger space from the whole square. We created this little program that you can freely choose the colors responding to the minimum and maximum values.

On the picture dark blue represents higher values, white’s the average and the different shades of yellow represents the countries having smaller values.


Compare Sales Performance using treemaps

Let’s see another example. In the first column you can find the name of sales representatives of a company, in the second one the achievements accomplished by them in percentile format.

The order is not important, so the list doesn’t have to be well-organized.


We will set the colors that the most poorly achieving will appear with red, the average will be white, above average will be green.

And the result is here! Only with a few clicks you get a brand new chart! How do you like it?


TreeMaps and Risk Management

Among other things the Treemap chart is capable for the usage of risk management. We can see the departments of a company together with the relating risk management (%).

After setting all the basic information, the chart is done.

We have talked about this many times, but maybe not enough. If we using data visualization we can quicker recognize the trends, we get an instant review of the questionable / given indicator and last but not least, we make our everyday life simpler.

Excel TreeMap Chart – The future

It would be hard to present only in one article how wide-ranging can be the fields of usage of the now presented chart. Some examples: salesHR, and social media dashboards. This little application can stand its ground in any field, it is worth to try!

Soon comes out Office 2016 that will bring more innovations than ever! The presented chart for example, will already be default in the Excel 2016 version. In the following weeks we’ll have more articles about this subject. Stay tuned.

Excel TreeMap chart is from now the part of our advanced chart add-in.


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