Issue Tracker Dashboard is a visually oriented Excel project management tool which shows any project plan’s various tasks progress.

Our excel project dashboard is separated into three sections: the Gantt chart area, the gauge area and the resources heat map. Gauges and speedometers are a useful tools to measuring the actual project completion ratio.

Let’s get acquainted with some terms before we start the dashboard making progress in detail.

It’s useful to know about them because they are essential in the field of project management and also throughout the project tracking process.

What does issue tracking means?

The most important thing that we must know about it is they conduct a continuous tracking and analysis of project related activities.

Activities have that particular characteristic that they executable parallel to each other. We’re going to talk about its setbacks at the creating of the resource heat map.

Issue Tracker Dashboard anim

What is the Gantt chart?

Why is it essential to create it in the planning phase?

The Gantt chart has a double function: for one we record the steps of one particular process so that the realization of it can be whole.

Secondly the project manager will be able to track the project plan.

We must not forget that it plays a major role in tracking of the realization plan – fact indicators.

Take a closer look to spot this project management report!

Issue Tracker Dashboard – Overview

We could write down the creation process as follows: first we list all the activities, than we determine the relations between them (if there are any). The next step is to assign each activity the related timeline and resources. The last task is to draw the Gantt chart.

We can analyze and report task status. We can easily follow project events. It automatically detects the inserted values into the column and it shows them in percentage value, just place them according to our plan.

The task timeline is the key component of a project status report. Our issue tracker dashboard shows the expected completion and actual completion. We use color-code (green and red) in this section, which shows in different colors the tasks that are finished or on hold.

Issue Tracker Dashboard – Plan vs Actual

On the summery screen placed on the left hand side we can find very important information about the current status of the project. Here’s the project’s start-, and end-date which we calculated based on all activity.

And we used a slider to be able to scroll in one step intervals the part of the screen containing the Gantt chart.

Issue Tracker Dashboard gauge

It is useful so we can handle the whole project in space saving mode, doesn’t matter if its span is 30 days or even one year long. The day by day portrayal provides detailed enough display.

With the help of a speedometer we portrayed the completion rate you can find in the ‘Overall Progress’ field, its values can be between 0% and 100%. Finally the ‘Days Required’ field shows the planned length of the project in days.

With help of the gauge we will visualize the completion of overall procedure. Project status report shows you a short visual description of the important elements of the project.

Resource Planning – Human resource heat map

The third part of the Issue Tracker Dashboard is the resource heat map.

With knowledge of resources assigned to activities and based on the Gantt chart this section can be easily made.

There are many methods making the heat map, we will show you one made by us and thought to be simple.

We have enlarged here one part of the template for better understanding the logic of making the resource heat map.

So we want to know what kind of problems arouse if we have to do several subtasks each day.

Get totally ready for the possible task-jams?

On the bottom of the picture the color chart can be seen made by the classical conditional formatting.

Number ‘8’ indicates all the subtasks we have to perform on that day according to plan.

For the other days we do an average of ‘6’ tasks.

By the help of the color chart we can see it in an instant on what days we may encounter some trouble because of lack of resources.

Issue Tracker Dashboard fin

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Just practice with our issue tracker dashboard a little and create your own project management tool using Excel! You can download this model here!