Today’s featured project status dashboard explains how to build an useful excel project management solution.

We have combined the flexibility of KPI traffic light indicators with the power of project status dashboard.

We can use also traffic lights to visualize the popularity of products further to measure the project status.

This is an easy task at first look, but in reality building of such dashboard needs some attention.

There can be some obstacles but if you read the tutorial carefully you can avoid them.

If you take a look at this figure you can quickly review how a project works. Actually all projects work the same way.

Phases of Project Management

Project Status Dashboard cycle

Here are a few words about what part tasks we should list in the specific phases: in the first phase we perform the following tasks: resources management, cost management, definition of project goals, risk analysis and finally the approval of project.

In the second stage of the project (development phase) the main tasks are: creating WBS (work breakdown structure), setting up the budget and cash-flow planning.

Project Status Dashboard mock

At the end of this phase we have to decide based on the collected data, if we should launch the project or not.

If the project gets the green light we can proceed with the most important phase. This is the execution phase that is really about effective doing the work. The following key tasks must be done: progress monitoring, testing, resolving issues, creating project dashboard reports and forecasts.

The fourth phase of is the ending (deliverance) of the project, all testing is done and we analyze the tasks been done so far.

Project Status Dashboard – Closer Look

Take a closer look at the Excel template. The List column contains the name of the task list.

In our example these are only marked as numbered ‘Tasks’.

Obvious that in real operation here must follow the activities that are divide the life cycle of the project into four main stages: concept phase, development phase, execution phase and transfer phase.

Project Status Dashboard tafi

By specifying a completion rate between 0% (for a task that has not launched) and 100% (for a process that is completed), we can review projected progress to real progress.

The name of the next column is Start; it can be used to set the sub project’s start date.

Duration of a project’s key element is the number of days it takes from the beginning of the sub projects starts to the point it is done.

The percentage complete (Done) fields provide the actual status of a task.

This Excel project status dashboard help communicate the goals of projects. By specifying a completion rate between 0% (for a task that has not launched) and 100% (for a process that is completed), we can review projected progress to real progress.

Issue Tracking using Project Status Dashboard

Here is a zoomed-in photo of issue tracker. Now you can see a series of status colors on the main task. When we complete a task, we mark it as finished using blue marker. The grey will be used if the task is already running but not finished yet.

Project Status Dashboard gant

Project Status Dashboard – Traffic lights setup

We can use colors in status project status dashboard to make the important information about project health. On the calculation sheet you can set up the ranges for red, yellow and green.

If the key performance indicator is green the project is under control and impact of problems is minimal. If the indicator is yellow the project may contain a few risks but we have a strategy and experience to get back the traffic light to green.

Red light is critical problem with time frame of project, cost calculations or the project is behind schedule.

Project Status Dashboard – Control Panel

On this picture we can see the structure of the control panel.

You can determine here for the ‘traffic light’ what color to use for what range. In this example from range 33% to 75% completion rate the light is yellow, and above 75% is green the status of the project.

Project Status Dashboard end

This is how we would summarize the operation of a project. The template below will help you in this. We hope you find this useful! Need more dashboard tutorial? Visit our dashboard page! Thanks for visiting Excel Dashboard School on YoutubeDownload our excel dashboard template for free.